Friday, December 04, 2009

Thursday December 3

I was hitting the snooze button until the knock came on the door. I knew it was Dan as he'd said he'd be over to put a new anti-virus program on both my computers because I've used AVG until now, but they are no longer free. What he brought didn't want to work on either of my pc's, so he said he has another one that he'll bring by another day. By the time I got ready and out of here I ended up being a few minutes late getting to my TOPS meeting. Not good, but oh well, life is what it is. I had to weigh in after the meeting, so it will go on next week's record. The weight recorders don't like it when this happens.

After TOPS, as usual, I went for lunch with the ladies, then some of us went to the Bargain Bin thrift shop. I got a blouse and a couple nice sweaters, 3 glass containers, some buttons, and a really nice sweater vest that I think will be great for Mom. I'll give it to her as one of her Christmas gifts... or maybe a 'pre' Christmas gift. :o)

Next I went to visit Mom. We went out to a Greek restaurant for dinner and shared a delicious chicken dinner and a cheese cake. Driving back to the town she lives in, I said "I should let you drive yourself home and I'll walk". The silly old lady took me seriously!!! Well, she didn't have me walk from out on the highway where we were, but did suggest I stop on Main Street, so I did. She drove herself home & I walked. It took me less than 10 minutes to get there so I was 'hoofing it' fairly good, though it's really not a great distance. I was having some pains in my chest & throat for a bit, though knew it was acid reflux and not my heart. On the way into town earlier, I had stopped at the drug store and picked up a bottle of Gaviscon and drank some & when I got back to Mom's I drank some more. I was on prescription meds for this for awhile (Nexium) and may have to go back on it again. I went off once I was feeling good again. I don't like taking drugs, but my medical covers the cost of prescriptions while this Gaviscon cost me over $14!!! That's not going to happen too often! Not long ago, Dr. Oz said that Himalayan Chrystal Salt helps stop acid reflux. I bought some and when I have an attack I do eat some straight salt as well as occasionally use it on food (I rarely ever put salt on my food, now if I do I make it the H. Crystal Salt). Maybe I have to use it more often in order to get lasting effects.

After I got back to Mom's, we played Tri-Ominos (a variant of dominoes using triangular tiles) for awhile. It was great. Back & forth, up and down, finally ending with me winning by not by very many points. Mom gave me some bean soup & some juice to bring home, as well as some Kale.

Jerry, my friend in WA. had left me 3 messages Wednesday, then wasn't answering when I called & left him message when I got home. So tonight I saw he left me another message. I called & left him a message. He called back and I answered. Finally the end of Telephone Tag, the chance to chat awhile.

It's taken me forever to write the above... between phone ringing and MSN messages... sheeesh!! Gotta run!! Later!


quilly said...

Gaviscon is expensive! And I haven't found a generic formula for it yet. I take it in the pills -- chew & swallow. How does the liquid taste?

AND, did you notice that it worked?

Luigi | said...

Isn't it nice to bond with your mom? I like bonding with my mom because I can talk about anything with her. We enjoy a lot of activities together also. I'm just so thankful for her.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Your member of tops so am I. I been a member for a year now.

Coffee is on.

Luigi | said...

The telephone tag was so funny. I can recall moments like that. Good thing it ended. Haha. Thanks for sharing this post.