Thursday, December 10, 2009

Duh... What's Up, Doc?

Another busy week in progress. I've stayed away far too long and forget most of what I've been doing. Oh well... here's some anyway.

Friday December 4: Made a trip out to Falkland to pick up a part for my trike & take it to Tuggy. We spent some time looking at trikes online, seeing some of the vastly different looks & styles of trikes. Then I came back to town & met Don for dinner. I met him back in mid October through mutual friends, Stacia & Lucky, & I had told Stacia that if he asked for my phone number she could give it to him. I guess he must have asked. We sat in Denny's Restaurant eating & talking for about 5 hours. Had a good time.

Saturday December 5: Hmmmm.... I know I did something, just can't think right now what it was. There is a possibility I may have stayed home that day... or not.

Sunday December 6: Went to the Centre for Spiritual Living for the Service. I am doing the Book of the Month for December, so I read a small sampling from the book I chose, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I also told a bit about the family we've 'adopted' for Christmas. A single Mom with 2 young daughters, what they need, what they like, sizes, things like that. The service was followed by Pot Luck Lunch. Wow, so much food and lots of people stayed to eat it. Fabulous!!

Monday December 7: Went to Aqua Therapy at the Rec. Centre, then soaked in the hot tub & had a nice shower. Went to the Chiropractor for a treatment, stiff sore neck = headaches. Hoping it is last one I need for this year. Did some work on my speech for Toastmasters tomorrow eve.

Tuesday December 8: Dan came by and brought in some bags of pellets for my stove as I didn't want to pack them after getting a chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, he brought in the wrong ones, 3 of 4 bags that had gotten rained on so the pellets were partially/largely ruined, turned to sawdust. He didn't realize this would be a problem. It is. I didn't notice until after he had gone.

Phoned Don to wish him a happy birthday. He sounded very happy & impressed that I'd bothered. Well hey, he told me on Friday night when his birthday was, so what the heck. :o)

Graig came by to look at my place as a possible location to park his motor home become trailer to live in. He decided it would be too hard for the tow truck driver to get it in here. I think he's a bit 'off' on this, but okay. We had a nice visit and talked about a writing project that we may be undertaking together in near future. That would be awesome. He and I seem to work well together, inspiring each other to new & greater ideas & heights in our writing. Then we both went to the Rec. Centre to the pool... him to water walk, steam room, hot tub... me to Aqua Therapy & hot tub. After that, he offered to buy me dinner, so we went for Chinese.

For the evening I went to my Toastmasters meeting, our last until January. I'd not had much time to work on my speech, so I read more of it than I like to, much prefer to not use my notes, or if I have to, just use them a wee bit. Oh well, it was what it was. This was a 5 part project about Negotiating.
1- pick a partner & together decide on a scenario to roll play.
2- give a 4-5 minute speech on the Negotiation process so the audience will understand what it's about.
3- give a short introduction of my partner & the scenario we will be roll playing
4- do a 3-5 minute roll play
5- hold a 2-3 minute informal discussion about what could have been done better/differently to better accomplish the goal of negotiating.
I also gave the Toast for the evening. I almost forgot about it, then driving out there remembered and, in my head as I drove, I prepared & rehearsed the Toast.

I got on the computer & don't really remember what I did, maybe Reba took over my body. I do know though that I didn't come to bed until 4am. I texted Wendy just before I turned out the light. She was already up, starting her day.

Wednesday December 9: Got up around 11am, prepared to go to the Centre & do my usual Wednesday job of creating the Sunday Programs. I discovered that the water pipes were frozen, so this took priority over the Programs which I can do another day so long as it's before Sunday. I cranked the furnace up high so it would send heat down under my mobile home and turned on the cold water tap in the bathtub. I talked to Dan on MSN & we decided I'd go to Canadian Tire and buy a Heat Tape, he'd come over & go underneath to install it. When he got under there he found there was already one there though it had been removed from an area where a plumber had done a repair. He fixed this up and plugged it in. This has been under there since before I owned this place, this is my 2oth winter here & I've never used it, it's been bitter cold lately though we have had colder & my pipes haven't frozen, the pellet stove doesn't send heat down below though this is the 4th winter I've used mainly this source of heat and until now have had no problems. So what is the problem now? Well, there is a piece of blue Styrofoam type insulation board covering the hole to the underneath and this had somehow gotten knocked down, so was wide open. A cat perhaps? Could be. Guess I need to do something there to stop this kind of thing from happening again.

I went out this evening with Wendy to the Army Navy Air Force club. Met lots of nice people and enjoyed my evening. On the way home I went to Superstore to get groceries. Once home I grabbed my laptop & came to the bedroom. I didn't want to turn on all the lights out there & wake up the birds. It's healthier for them to get their proper sleep and all too often they don't due to being in the living room.

Since this is so long and I have a big day tomorrow, early-for-me morning, I am not going to add the Gratitude List tonight. Will tomorrow though. I have much to be grateful for and I am very grateful for that. I am also very grateful that somewhere along the line I learned the power of gratitude.

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