Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wednesday December 2

It was a good day today. Once the house was warmed up & I the spilled tea cleaned up as much as is possible, the wet bedding placed to dry, I got dressed & went to town. I picked up Lorraine & took her to Safeway then we went to the Centre. Actually, I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the way there to see if they had any crochet hooks. They didn't. There was no parking spot at the Centre, so I dropped Lorraine off and went to find one. Actually, I went to the Upper Room Mission Thrift Store and got 2 crochet hooks as well as a few other little things, then went back to the Centre & there was a parking spot waiting for me. We did the programs, then I updated the Membership List, put names in for the gift draw we will have on Sunday, & I made posters to put around the place, telling about the family we've 'adopted' for Christmas. A mother & 2 girls in need of food etc. to make this a happy season. Some things have already been brought in as I've told some about this on Sundays, though I just got the info about how many, what genders, ages, things like that. Lorraine's son Alan had come by earlier to give her a ride home, so I was able to take the extra time without worrying about running her home, so that was good.

I had purchased a phone set from Canadian Tire and really liked it except that the quality just was not good. It was a base with answering machine that held 1 handset, and a charger that held a second handset, cordless phones by the way. I had the base in the living room and the charger in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the speaker phones didn't work and when talking on the phones they kept cutting out. I figured if they did this when new, give them awhile and they'd get really bad. So today I took them back & got my money back.

I went to WalMart to get something for supper and while there Wendy text messaged me & asked if I'd like to meet her at the Army Navy Air Force club. I said sure and only got some crackers. At the ANAF I had chicken fingers & shared the fries with Wendy. I'm not a drinker, so even in a bar like that I drink tea or Club Soda, tonight it was tea as I like hot drinks in cold weather. It's been so long since I hung out in bars & night clubs that when I first started going the occasional time to meet Wendy at the ANAF, I didn't feel really comfortable, though this evening I had a really nice time, met new people, laughed, flirted some, just had a nice time. Wendy & I left there about 9:30 & I got to meet her new dog, Brinks, who was waiting in the car for her. He's a beautiful German Shepherd she bought from the RCMP. He failed as a police dog because he is gun shy.

Since I got home I talked with my neighbor, put more pellets in the stove just to be sure, visited my pets, crocheted a snowflake, blogged, did stuff on FaceBook and now must go to sleep as I have to get up in the morning. Thursday is always a full day.

I am grateful for Lorraine's help with the programs
I am grateful for my pellet stove and my stock of pellets
I am grateful for my nice warm bed (which I am lying in now with my laptop)
I am grateful I have a home to live in
I am grateful to be part of helping a family have a great Christmas. This is my 3rd year heading up this 'adoption' process.
I am grateful to have those phones returned & my money back.
I am grateful to know that when it is meant to happen I will find just the right & perfect set of cordless phones for my needs and they will be on a great sale.
I am grateful that I remember how to crochet after so many years of not doing it.
I am grateful I found good patterns for crocheting snowflakes on the internet.
I am grateful for all the things I find on the internet. It is such a wonderful resource.
I am grateful my bed is dry after spilling tea on it earlier today.
I am grateful for all the opportunities that come my way, to laugh & enjoy my life.
I am grateful I have my clothes ready for tomorrow.
I am grateful that I always have much to be grateful for.


Thom said...

Sounds like a wonderful day my friend. I always enjoy reading your grateful list :)

Luigi | said...

"I am grateful I have my clothes ready for tomorrow."

I wish the I have that habit. I think that preparing clothes for the next day saves my time. I always end up thinking of the right pair and then in the morning, I was like,"Where's the shirt? Where's the top I'm going to wear?" Fail right?!

Colon Cleanse said...

Even I am grateful to you....for posting such a good article.