Friday, November 27, 2009

Reading Material

Do you prefer reading books, or ebooks on your netbooks? (Or whatever kind of computer you have). Or do you like to read at all? Maybe you prefer reading magazines or ________? I love curling up with a good book, and I have a stack of great books sitting waiting for me to read them. I keep buying more great books to add to the stack. Some people do drugs, some drink alcohol, some smoke cigarettes, I used to drink copious amounts of Coca Cola. Now, I buy books that will help me to learn & to grow as a person as well as spiritually.

I also read information off the internet. For example, I am currently researching raw foods for cats & dogs. I've done this kind of research before and know there is still much to learn. The other day I was talking to a gal at the dog park who said that dogs can't digest raw vegetables. I've never heard that before so am searching for information to either confirm on blow that theory out of the water. I occasionally give Reba a raw carrot and she loves to chew it up and eat it. I have given Reba raw meat whenever possible in the past and have decided to feed her raw on a more regular basis, while still feeding some kibble, so I want to 'do the research' so I can do the best for her. I also plan to feed partial raw diet to Mewsic. I figure if Reba & I do any traveling together, especially if we go to the US, it will be best to have her still eating at least partial kibble diet because it's easier to carry along than raw meet that has to stay frozen until time to serve it... and can't take meat across the border.

I also want to find patterns I can print out to make crochet Christmas ornaments &/or snow flakes.

I started nodding off earlier, sitting here in my chair reading about raw dog/cat diets, so had to get up and move around, feed Reba her dinner, get a hot tea. Now, as I watch TV programs I taped Tuesday evening while I was out, I am blogging and reading these web pages... and working at staying awake until it is a suitable time to go to bed.


quilly said...

A netbook isn't something you read. It's a computer!

And I have read lots of opinions about raw diets, but very few facts. How do you know what you're reading comes from a reliable source?

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Quilly, thanks much for pointing out that error, lol. I edited it to correct the error. I must need sleep.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of getting a Kindle? I hear they are excellent :)

Here's the Link for the Kindle.

Nash said...

How do you know what you're reading comes from a reliable source? Have you ever thought of getting a Kindle? I think they are excellent.