Friday, November 27, 2009

A Most Beautiful & Long Day

Last night I got about 4 hours sleep, then got up this morning & went for a day trip with Dan in his little car. He wanted to go to his buddy Mike's home in OK Falls to check on it for Mike who lives in the lower mainland and has this as a summer place... as well as a place in Arizona, and a Motorhome. Poor guy. On the way down, we stopped at a butcher shop about half an hour south of here. They sell a mixture of different ground meats for dogs ($1.19/# under 100#, and $1.00/# for 100# and up). I bought 101# of it plus a couple packages of ground buffalo, just over 1#/ package.

We went to Mike's house and all looked good. We turned up the heat & hot water, then went out lunch at a local cafe. We walked a few blocks to the cafe, then back again. It was such a beautiful, warm, sunshiny day with blue sky all over the place. Couldn't ask for a nicer day for making such a trip. Back at Mike's Dan ran me a bath. He knows I used to love soaking in the tub but only get to shower now due to a too small bathtub, so today I got to have a nice soak in a big comfy tub. Then I made myself a cup of tea, refilling my travel mug, and we were off north again.

We stopped in Kelowna to fill my water jugs. Where I live there are a few places where you can fill your jugs with Reverse Osmosis filtered water for $2/5 gal. jug. There is a place where you can buy Spring Water for $8/5 gal. jug. However, in Kelowna, about an hour drive from here, there is Spring Water for $3/5 gal. jug. To make a trip down just for water does cost for the gas, so I prefer to not go too often, though usually so far I've been able to combine the trip with something else. For instance, when going to Omak Stampede I took my jugs, and another trip I made down there I did that too. I have made a trip just for water, though, I think. So today, to get all my jugs filled on the way through was great. I have 6 jugs now, so that adds up.... well, it should have been $18, but the owner of the place showed me how to get it a bit cheaper. Instead of paying for 5 gal. 6 times ($3 x 6), you can pay for $20 gal. ($10) and hit the pause button to change jugs. I thought that was very nice of him to show us that and save me $2. He also told Dan some stuff about Spring Water as he had no clue, and after telling us that the water is filtered 5 times before we get it, he got us a cup of non-filtered water and it was great. So clean & pure & tasty even before the filtration.

Once we got to my place, Dan carried in the 101# of dog meat (which Reba will share with Mewsic), the 6 jugs of water (approx. 50# each = 300# of water), then offered to bring in the bag of dog kibble I had in the truck 18kg, so about 40#, then he also brought me in a bag of pellets for the stove (40#) after which he said good night and went on his way. I sure appreciated all that help... that's a lot of carrying and, like he said, I'd be in terrible pain before I even got it all done.

I spent the evening playing with animals, watching TV, blogging, FaceBooking, looking at crochet patterns on the internet, etc. and now.... at nearly midnight, I am about to do the last 'critter chores' for the night (make sure chinchillas have food/water, put Reba out for a few minutes), turn the stove down, get me ready and off to bed.

I am grateful to Dan for taking me along for the ride today
I am grateful to Dan for buying me lunch and running me the bath
I am grateful to for the awesome sunshiny day
I am grateful I was out enjoying the weather today (forecast is for totally different tomorrow)
I am grateful to have all the meat for Reba & Mewsic
I am grateful to have a fresh bag of kibble each for Reba & Mewsic
I am grateful to know that I have enough food to last these two for at least 3 months
I am grateful to have enough water to last for at least 3 months
I am grateful that I can co-ordinate the trip to get water & meat in future
I am grateful to have some buffalo meat for me to eat
I am grateful I have enough rabbit food to last the rabbit & chinchillas minimum 6 months
I am grateful I have enough Spring Water to last 3 months or more if I use it for drinking, tea & some cooking... or longer if I use tap water to boil for tea.
I am grateful to live in a country where there is so much beauty as I saw today. I am usually driving that road so enjoyed being a passenger for once and being able to look around. I just wish I could have stopped to take pictures every time I saw something I wanted to share with you.
I am grateful for the peace & quiet of my home as I sit here in comfort
I am grateful for all the great free crochet pattern (snowflakes) that I found on the net.
I am grateful that it is now just after midnight and I am off to my bed. I am tired and looking forward to a good sleep tonight. I am not even going to dream about short circuiting in circuit city. In fact, I'm sure I will dream and not remember any of what I dreamed. I rarely remember even dreaming, never mind what I dreamed about.


Thom said...

Great list :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

quilly said...

Friends with muscles are great, aren't they? I am glad you had a nice day. I spent about 6 hours with Thom. Wait until you see what we did!