Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday October 14

Good day, my friends. Welcome to my home on the net, as always. I'm sitting here trying to think of a good way to fit the words "salicylic acid" into my post... and not coming up with anything really great, so will skip it for now. ;o)

Today I felt much better than I did the last few, though did have a headache and sore neck for part of the day. Was sure glad when it backed off a bit. Dan came by for a short visit this morning and I got him to bring in a bag of pellets for me, so that was good as the chiropractor didn't want me packing heavy things for a couple days, and these bags are 40# (18.14kg) each.

I went to town and did up the programs for Sunday Service, as I do every Wednesday. Then I went for lunch with a very dear, long time friend, Stacia. I refuse to even think of how long we've been friends, but it started some years before she had her youngest daughter who is now in her early 20s. It's been way too long since we sat down and had a visit and I totally enjoyed it today. The Chinese smorg was much less good than I'm used to my Chinese food being, but the company made it all worth while. Stacia is going to be my cook for the upcoming Pasta Productions, which, if you read this blog much, I think you've read about recently.

I had heard that to get thinning hair to grow thicker, add some Lavender & Rosemary essential oils to your shampoo. I went to the health food store to get some and talked to a gal working there. She had never heard of that. She asked a few questions, including "Do you get heart burn?" and "Do you feel bloated after eating?" to which I had to answer "yes". She figures I'm not absorbing minerals properly, so said to stop drinking anything minimum 1/2 hour before eating, and best to drink nothing during or for 20 minutes after the meal, but if I can't handle that, at least just have a few sips. This is to stop diluting the digestive juices that are so important. She also suggested Silica Gel. This will help give me healthy hair, nails, skin, etc., and lots of hair growth. She gave me a pamphlet to read and I bought a bottle of it. 6 months from now I should be very hairy and have strong claws with baby smooth skin... or something like that, hahaha.

I needed a new tarp for covering my Travel Trailer become Storage Shed, so got one of those today and some other odds & sods things for the house. Next was the grocery store for a few much needed items, and a few less needed but wanted ones. I got Reba an 18kg bag of dog food... so much for Chiropractor wishes, I had to handle this myself (pick up, put into cart... take from cart & put into truck... take from truck & carry into house). I was as careful as I could be though.

This evening I watched TV, visited critters, did some Facebook stuff, instant messaged with 2 people... hmmmm... oh ya, blogged. Now the birds are all gone to bed hours ago and it's time to put the other critter to bed. Then to put the Critter Servant/Slave to bed for the night. Ahhh, that will feel good.

- I am grateful to hear some of you like my grateful list (Back by popular demand, haha).
- I am grateful I know how positively powerful it is to do a gratitude list.
- I am grateful for Lorraine who puts the programs together once I do the computer work & print them out.
- I am grateful to have met a new gal who came into the Centre for Spiritual Living today. From Norway, very nice.
- I am grateful to have found out about Silica Gel, and recently about Himalayan Crystal Salt (full of minerals) which both should help a lot to seeing me in better health and beauty.
- I am grateful for the 'stolen moments' with my cat. She hides when the dog is near, and sneaks out to cuddle when she feels it's safe.
- I am grateful to have reconnected with Stacia recently, after a few years of being out of touch. Always friends, just not always present in each others lives.
- I am grateful the weather is warmer now than it was for a few days. Unseasonable hot temps turned to unseasonable cold temps waaaayyy to fast!! Now have evened out a bit.
- I am grateful I put silicone along the windshield of my truck yesterday... just before the rain started. That should plug the leak I had there for the past couple years. (It was only a problem when it rained.)
- I am grateful that I have too many things to be grateful for to list here in one sitting. :o)

Nite for now.


Jenn Jilks said...

I'm with you on the spam thing...

I hauled in 35 lb. of sunflower seed, the realized the rock on the top of the can isn't large 5 a.m. this morning when Butch got into it.

Sympathies on the back! I have issues, too.

Print Brochures said...

Oh yeah! We really love your gratitude list. Isn't it amazing how can you do that in just one sitting?! We are really blessed everyday!:)