Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday October 13th

Hi. Welcome back.

Last night I got to talk to my friend Jerry who lives in Wenatchee WA. He had been hoping to have enough money to send me for gas to make the trip down for a visit. Unfortunately that didn't work out. He is a vendor at fairs, rodeos, etc., and with the cold weather coming so suddenly and early, there was not the usual amount of sales so not the income he needs for necessities, never mind the extra for my trip down. However, we will keep in touch over the phone & via snail mail as he has no computer. By spring maybe one of us will have the spare money, and if not then at least I'll still go to Omak to the Stampede in August where I met him about 5 years ago. In the meantime, life goes on and is great. Quilly had suggested that if I went down to Wenatchee, I go visit her sister in a not-too-distant town. That would be way cool and I hope to still do that one day. Will have to contact her by smoke signals or a note sent by pigeon as she lives in the back woods, and is something of a hermit... or so I've been told. :o)

There is always lots to do around here, and if I ever ran out of stuff to do I could always read colon cleanse reviews. Today I got Reba's run all cleaned up and looking pretty for winter, then I screwed a piece of laminate flooring (left over from my new floors of course) onto the bottom of the doorway into her house. I then took a bag of old sheep fleece, 2 fleeces to be exact, and put them into her house so she'll be cuddly/comfy this winter. The moths got into several bags of my fleece so now it is not worth washing/carding/spinning. Oh well, I'm about at a place where I'd like to just buy my fibre all prepared and ready to spin.

I also got to work on sorting pop/water/etc. bottles & cans to take to the depot and sell them. Still lots more to do, but a good start has been made.

Last night, Sheri Chinchilla got out of the cage while I had the door open feeding her & Daisy. There was no way I was going to be able to catch her, so just let her run free. She was running all over, driving the dog crazy. I would let them all out to play like that except they are near impossible to catch again until they are good and ready to let you get them, and while out they like to chew things, mostly electrical and phone cords. Best they stay safely in their wee homes. Tonight she came out of hiding and got up on the bay window, near the cages. I took her bath bottle (wide mouth gallon jar) with bath dust in it (Chins love their bathes!!) and put it where she could see it and get into it. Once fully involved in the experience, I reached out and put my hand over the opening, lifted it up and returned it and her to the cage. This is the best way I've found to get them back in once they've gotten out. They don't get out often, thankfully, though it does happen from time to time. Over the years of having them, I sometime have been tired when feeding etc., and have accidentally left a door open.

The last few days I've had headaches again, and a stiff, sore neck. Of course, being a long weekend, the Chiropractor was closed until today, so this afternoon I went in for a much needed treatment. I still didn't feel up to going to Toastmasters this eve, but am feeling quite a bit better now. I know that morning will see a great improvement.

I am grateful for all my friends... wherever & however I met/know them.
I am grateful to have cleaned Reba's space outside and gotten her house all nice for her.
I am grateful for the cordless tools I have for doing these kind of little jobs.
I am grateful I recently put shelves up in my house using those tools too. One in the bathroom for towels, and one in the living room for my modem & router, and some other things to be decided on later.
I am grateful for phones, internet & snail mail.
I am grateful all my chinchillas are now safe & sound in their homes.
I am grateful all of my babies - 4 chinchillas, 8 birds, 1 rabbit, 1 dog & 1 cat are all warm inside my house with me.
I am grateful for my wonderful laptop computer & for the lap board I use with it.
I am grateful for my chiropractor. Not only do I highly credit him for my being able to walk and use my arms (long story) but also he's like visiting a friend (have been going to him since 1983). If I'm working on a Sudoku puzzle when he comes in, he gets right into helping me with it, lol.
I am grateful for my bed and the new pillow I bought myself last week. I am now off to visit them.

Night night All!!


Anonymous said...

Take care of that stiff neck and I hope the head aches go away. Glad to read the grateful list is back :) Very nice :)

quilly said...

My hermit sister has a telephone!

I am glad Sheri had a wee escape. It got her a bit of extra exercise.

I am even happier that Reba has a nice warm, cozy house for when she has to be outdoors.

Print Brochures said...

"I am grateful for the cordless tools I have for doing these kind of little jobs."

I'm thankful for cordless things also. It makes multi-tasking possible. I'm thankful for laptops and wireless routers! :) Very nice post! Thank you for sharing.:)