Saturday, October 03, 2009


Well, I'm home from my trip to my first TOPS Jamboree/Rally. Had a really good time and am glad to be home too, lol. Critters are all happy to see me and I'm happy to see all of them too. It feels great to be sitting in my recliner chair with the massage & heat turned on. Ahhhh, so nice. Relaxing. I'm planning to go to bed early tonight for a change.

Yesterday, about noon, Francis & Pat arrived to pick me up. I drove Francis' van from here. We picked up Levina and drove her down to her cancer treatment then went down to Penticton. After checking in to our motel we went to a thrift shop across the road and did some shopping, then to the mall and did some more as well as had supper. Back at the motel we talked and laughed and had a great evening. I was delighted to be able to get onto the net at the motel (yup, I took my laptop along). Today we spent the day at the rally. Our 'square dance' went over really big. Many Chapters put on skits or songs of some kind. We decided to do a square dance as the theme was western. I wrote the words of the song & was the caller for the others to dance to. Some photos were taken. Maybe I can show you some soon.

I think someone should invent a software program of some kind to make sharing photos easier, without posting them to the internet. They could call it Sharepoint... or something like that. We all took lots of photos that we want to share with each other.... and emailing them is a real PITA. I find only about 3 can be put in each email or it takes waaaay too long to send them. Maybe I'll have to get the gals to all upload to a common site or something.

Since I just got home I think I shall leave you now. Have a great night.


Thom said...

Check out Dropio HERE. That might work for ya. Sounds like you had a great time :) Aloha my friend :)

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