Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Times

Tuesday evening is my Toastmasters meeting. This week our theme was costumes, and some of us dressed up for the occasion. It was a great deal of fun. Also, I gave a speech this week. The project was #1 in the Storytelling manual... The Folk Tale, so I had to tell a Folk Tale. I ended up choosing The Wolf's Side of the Story! and I dressed as a wolf in construction clothing, haha. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but some others were there so maybe I can get someone to email me some pics so I can share them with you. I made myself a pair of ears (from corners of a fake fur collar) and used some of the same old coat to make a tail which I sewed into the seam of an old pair of pants, then I added Dan's tool belt, safety vest & hard hat. Even found my safety glasses to add to it too. I took an old white t-shirt and wrote on the front of it in felt pen "A. Wolf Construction Co." Maybe I should have called it a destruction company, since the wolf... well, you know the story... or DO you?? Nobody knows the real story unless they've heard the wolf's side of the story. I got a really great evaluation, and lots of comments/compliments on my ears. On Saturday I'm going to be wearing the same 'outfit'. I will be working in the Centre's booth at the Body & Soul Wellness Fair both Saturday & Sunday, and on Saturday night I am hosting a Halloween Games Night at the Centre. Costumes are encouraged, bring snacks to share and a game if you wish, games will be supplied... open to anyone who wants to show up and have fun. I definitely will be the wolf for Games Night... and I think likely for the Wellness Fair too, after all, it is Halloween!! I think I'll take the laptop, even though there's no internet there, and my flash drive just in case. A girl never knows just what she'll need in the coarse of a day. If not busy I can always play Sudoku between customers. haha.

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