Friday, October 30, 2009

Dreaming & Gratitude

If you read Reba's Run, you will know she said I'm a dreamer. Well, this is true, I do tend to dream a lot. She told about how I want to redo my bathroom & kitchen, a total renovation. At this time, it can only be a dream, unfortunately. I abhor my kitchen and though I used to love soaking in the tub I haven't done so in many years as this tub is just too small. I'd love to add on just enough to be able to put in a 'real' tub, something I can relax & soak comfortably in, and also have a cupboard for towels and such. While the tub & hot water tank were out I'd seal up the holes where mice can come in, I am sO tired of the mess they make every fall and sometimes in the spring. I've managed to seal up most of the spots they can come in, but unfortunately can't reach these ones. My kitchen has so few cupboards and so little counter space to work on. The cupboards that are here I have to get onto a small ladder to get into them.
I borrowed this photo from Hansgrohe faucets to show you what I think would be a great kitchen to have. I don't even need a table if I have an island to work on and sit at, double duty.

Now that I've whined and complained about what's wrong with my home, I will tell you that I am very grateful to have this place. It's not fancy and yes, there are things I would gladly change if I had the money to do so. However, it does suite me well. For one thing, it's mine!! Well, a bit is still owing at the bank, but not a lot now. I just renewed my mortgage and found out I only have 6 years left to pay on the place... and my payments are just over $200 a month. I am warm, safe, secure, comfortable in this home that is about 10 minutes out of the city, have a gorgeous view and the joy of rural living. The driveway presents some real... ummmm, errr, lets say 'excitement' during the winter as it is rather steep, though I'm sure it could be worse... somehow. Being on the hill like this, no one can see in my windows for the most part, only a couple of places and that's no big deal, could put a plant in the way if that bothered me. I like having no curtains, or keeping the curtains open most of the time as I love light. So as much as there are things I'd like to change, there are these things and others that make this the perfect home for me and my wonderful fur & feather babies.

I am grateful to have a home to live in... period!!
I am grateful my monthly mortgage payments are so small.
I am grateful to be safe, secure, comfortable, warm.
I am grateful for good neighbors.
I am grateful for my awesome view.
I am grateful for oh so many things in my home and in my life.

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quilly said...

You know we're moving soon. I told Amoeba my next home MUST have 2 bathrooms and a real kitchen. We need two bathrooms because HE can spend hours in one. And I want a real kitchen -- one with actual cupboards to put the dishes and food in, and with a countertop big enough for rolling out dough or putting holding both the cookie sheet and the cookies!

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two things one shouldn't skimp on.