Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Up...

The last few days, maybe a week now, have been very busy. There is so much to do before the weather gets cold and it's coming on fairly fast. Just a few days ago it was 28°C, and yesterday 18°C. I have been working on my truck, prepping and it for paint as well as doing some painting. I painted the roof, now have done some sanding on that before I give it a second coat. I have painted the steel rack on it, and I have been sanding the hood to paint it. My wonderful truck has seen many years (it's a 1992, so 17 years old) and had some body damage and rust when I bought it (forget when that was though must be 5 years or so now). It also had peeling paint problems on the hood and roof. This peeling has continued to get worse and the roof had surface rust happening in many paint-free spots. I didn't get real picky with prepping the roof before painting it, after all, it's not like many people see the top of the roof, it just needs protection from the weather to save it from rotting away. The hood, however, is where I and everyone can see it and I want it to look as good as possible. A couple people said I "you can't paint it with a brush, you have to spray it on" and "you can't use gloss paint, you have to use matt black, 'they' use matt for this kind of thing". Well, I'm using Gloss black Tremclad rust paint and using brush & roller to apply it. To heck with what 'they' say, haha. It may not be perfect but it sure is a lot better then it was. Will post photos when done.

I also plan to take 2 windows out of the 1989 and put them into the 1992, then put the ones from the '92 into the '89. Why? you may be asking. Well, the ones in my '92 don't pop out and the ones in the '89 do, they are in the extended cab part of the truck. I bought the '89 not long ago as a parts truck and have decided not to keep it, once I switch the windows over I will resell the truck. Instead of switching the boxes I'm going to get the rust cut out and new metal welded in on my '92. Turns out it will be cheaper and likely better too.

Also before the weather gets cold I need to clean out an entire room in my house. Over the spring & summer months much stuff got moved into there 'temporarily' and has stayed there, so must be moved and 'disposed of' (given, thrown, put away elsewhere) so I can get to my pellet stove as it's what I use to heat this place and will soon need to do just that.

I am planning to go for a trip in later October. No, not one of those Vegas vacations, though I'm sure that would be nice. I plan to go to visit a friend in Wenatchee WA. He's talking about sending me money for gas to go visit, so I'm getting Reba some rabies shots tomorrow so she can go across the line with me. The soonest I can get away from here is October 23, so far as I can tell just now, and all fall jobs must be done before I go so all will be well here, inside and out, while I'm away. So I don't have much time for blogging these days. Will do my best to get here and post regularly and still do my usual jobs in life and my 'fall yard and house stuff' too. I need about 4 more of me to get all this done. :^ )

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quilly said...

While you're in Wenatchee you might want to roll on over to Twisp and see my sister ...

I am going in to clean our spare room in just a bit. Work never ends!