Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 22nd.... gone.

Yesterday I scraped, sanded, painted the roof of my truck (with gloss black Tremclad rust paint and a brush). Then I suffered the pain of over doing it and went crazy trying to find pain pills. Thankfully I found some. I knew I had some here, just... where? Today I started painting the steel rack on the truck, using the same paint. I will be finishing the rack and giving the roof a second coat as well as doing the hood & the posts by the windshield. The paint on the roof and hood has peeled very badly and the roof had quite a bit of surface rust happening so now it looks much better and will be protected from rusting away. Even though you can see brush marks in the paint, it is a lot better than it was. I'll eventually show you photos. They're in my camera and staying there for now. :^)

I really need to get working inside too. This house needs a good cleaning and I have a lot of 'stuff' to go through and get rid of or find places to put it, and this must be done before I can use my pellet stove again as it's buried in a pile of 'stuff' that was shoved in that room to make space for doing the last of the flooring some months ago now. Sigh. I know I have to 'down size' and that is not one of my strong points. Too bad I can't just upload my belongings onto the internet for online storage. You know, just in case I need it... someday. Okay, okay... it's gotta go. Sheeesh!

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Make it a habit hehehehehehehe. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.