Monday, September 28, 2009

My Day

Yesterday I had a minor accident here in my yard. I live on a hill that can be a problem, especially when one is in a hurry and forgets to think. I got a bad scrape on my left knee and banged up my right thigh and shoulder. Ouch! I felt it even more today than I did yesterday. I better take it a bit easier, I guess, or not only will I not be a case of "health travel", but might be a case of no travel. My friend Dan keeps telling me I have to slow down, I'm too old now for doing what I used to do. I don't much listen. :^ )

Today I wanted to get the painting done on my truck, and didn't. I waited for my friend Tug to bring me some stuff for adding to the paint that he said will thin it down a bit, help it to go on smoother, and help it to dry faster. I guess I could have done the masking off while waiting, that would have been good, then I could have painted right after he was here. As it was I had to mask after he left and by the time it was done, and some more sanding where I decided I hadn't done a good enough joy, I felt it was too late in the day to get to that job. The sun had gone down and it was cooling off. Now, after hearing the weather report, I am very sad I didn't get that done. I may have missed the window of opportunity.

Today I did get some things done though. With Dan's help I moved the canopy. I had taken it off the truck in the spring & it's been sitting on my utility trailer. I want to use the trailer so I moved the canopy onto the flat deck trailer for now. The hole in the top of the canopy, and some cracks in the sides, have to be fixed before it can be used again so I have to decide if I'm going to fix it (fiber glass) or build sides, roof, back door on the rack so when I want to in spring they can just be taken off and put on when needed. This might be easier to put on and off as needed. Anyway I digress. Once the canopy was off it, I moved the trailer up top to where I park my truck beside the house. I will be moving trash from the house and carport into the trailer and taking it to the dump. I recycle, reuse, give away, compost a lot of things so don't bother paying for garbage pickup, instead I wait until I have a bunch to get rid of and haul it away myself. This also takes care of things I wouldn't be able to put down at the road for pickup if I had it.

I also moved my "parts truck" from the not-so-good spot it was parked in, parking it where the utility trailer had been parked. Now I'm going to put a For Sale sign on it as I have decided I don't need it after all, so want to get rid of it and get my $$ back.

I masked/sanded more on my 'good' truck then came in for a rest. This evening I got to work in the house, sorting and getting rid of stuff from the loom room, where my pellet stove is lost amongst the 'stuff'. All this and still blogged, spent time on Facebook, and played MahJong.

Now it's nearly time for bed. Ahhhhh. It's chilly enough in here that my nose is uncomfortably cold so will be good to get beneath the comforter.


Print Postcards | said...

I hope your doing okay right now Ma'am. Just take it easy okay! Take care.

Thom said...

Ah my friend. I hope you are doing okay and that all is well. I had a minor little mishap on Sunday as well. I'll be posting about it on Friday on my FFF. I hope you are well :)