Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don`t know what the problem is with Blogger tonight. It does weird things like this from time to time, though I think it is worse tonight. It has put in spacing where I don`t want it, and has put indentation where it doesn`t belong, as well as not sticking with one font. Sheeeesh!!! Oh well, I guess it will have to do... even though it looks messy at least it`s still readable.

I had a fabulous day. It was clear & sunny with a high of 28 degrees Celsius. Very warm for this time of year. The forecast is for a high of 14 on Sunday, that will sure be a shock to the system!! I went for lunch with the ladies from my TOPS group, for Chinese. My fortune cookies said something about I`ll get good news from far away. When I got home there was a message... a friend from Wenatchee WA had called. I called him back and talked for a good long time. I guess my fortune cookie was right, haha. Or maybe there`s still something even better coming. After all, though it was great to hear from Jerry, he didn`t have any great news to share. Hmmm....

Now I`m heading off to look after my animals then get some much needed sleep. I trust you all had a great day too. Sending you `vibes`for a wonderful day tomorrow.

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Fabulous Day indeed! Take care!