Monday, December 01, 2008

Stuff to Buy

A couple days ago, I was shopping at the local Canadian Tire franchise, and bought Mom a 2gig memory card for her new digital camera. Marcy, one of my sisters, bought it for Mom as a Birthday/Christmas gift, the camera that is, and she needs a memory card as it only holds a small number of photos. I think us "kids" will have to download the photos to her computer for her when we're there, but that's okay... and once she chooses what to print we'll have to load them onto a flash drive to take for printing... but that's okay, it will all work out. Now that I go to Toastmasters in the town between where we each live, I go see her more often again, so can take care of this kind of thing for her, and get the printing done here then take it back to her. I also got myself a nice set of titanium coated drill bits for my new cordless drill. I wanted the printer they had in the flyer for this week, but no surprise, they were sold out already on the second day of the 7 day sale. I did get a Rain Check, but often they never get in the items the Rain Checks are for... we'll see this time. I need a new printer, this is a Lexmark so not the best quality, but it's a printer, copier, scanner for $40.

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quilly said...

What?! Your tire franchise sells memory cards and printers? Wow. Canadians must drive some upscale cars!