Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stuff and Such

Well, today was such a beautiful day and I.... just laid around and did pretty much nothing. Wasted the day totally. Well, maybe not totally, but I really could have gotten outside to enjoy the weather and do yard work. My body has been very stiff and sore, so I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Guess I have to start pushing myself harder.

I did do computer work last night and today for my Spiritual Centre, I must admit. Last night I updated the membership list and used it to make a whole new Sunday Accounts Sheet. I made the one when I was Treasurer, and I gave up that job and took over Membership Chairman almost 2 years ago. The current Treasurer has continued to use the one I did. We were talking the other day and I offered to do a new one, so many new names now, and some old ones are gone. Also with so much growth there are new & different things needed on this form. We talked about it and I came home and made it. It took me all evening to get all this done. This evening, I did the computer work for the Sunday Programs, about an hours work, now tomorrow I will go to the Centre and print the programs, cut the sheets in half, and 'stuff the folders'. Another hour or more work. I would like to have help doing the stuffing if not more, we've grown a lot since I started doing this and so we keep having to make more programs, so more 'stuffing'. After the service on Sundays I also have to 'unstuff' them again. Take them all apart, put some into recycle and some into the drawer to reuse the next week. Oh ya, I also updated the Birthday List when I updated the Membership List. These are just some of the jobs I do at the Centre... all volunteer, and all very necessary.

As some of you are aware, I put some ads on my blogs to earn some extra bucks. Tonight I went to check and see if there were any assignments for me... there are. I was happy to see there are 7 new assignments. Then I noticed they are ALL for Reba's Run, not one for this blog. I find it far more of a challenge to post the ads to that blog. For that matter, it's more of a challenge to post anything to that blog, from a dog's eye view. Maybe I'll have to incorporate the other animals that live here in the posts, make it a multi-poster blog instead of just the one dog. I strive to make even the ads interesting reading for those of you that come to read my blogs.


quilly said...

How are the ads doing money wise? Are you making enough for the bother?

Alice said...

Well, Quilly, I'm not getting rich, but I am doing not all that bad either. I used to try getting my Page Rank up, I'd put hours and hours every day into it, put life on hold to blog and blog and blog. I never got very far. Finally I dropped the Pay Per Post ads. I had gotten this blog up to PR4, then it dropped back to PR2, so the decent ads dropped right off. Now I just work for PayU2Blog. Some weeks I get no work at all, and some weeks I get quite a bit. I don't worry now about my PR, I just let go of all that worry and work. I post when I post and that's that. It's nice to have the extra $$ for doing what I'd do anyway.

The other day I went to an online auction and bought myself some beautiful earrings that I never could have bought if not for these ads... and they paid for my laptop computer too, as well as other stuff, and I still have some money 'banked' at PayPal.

Not rich, but not bad. I'm good with that, haha.

quilly said...

Do you get credit for enlisting advertisers? Send a link!

Alice said...

I don't know the answer to that, Quilly. I just went to the Forum and asked that question. I'll give them a day or two to answer, then either way I'll send you the link so you can get doing this too.