Friday, October 17, 2008

October 16 - Thursday

The weather today was grey, dark, rainy, and yet I still managed to have a great day.

- lately, every day, I get a text message from my cousin Delaine, sending me love and wishes for a good day. How cool is that? Maybe I'll do another post to tell you about my cousins, D & D.

- I spent a good part of the day 'playing' at an online jewelery auction. I've been watching it for a few days now, and today I actually broke down and did some bidding, and yes, some buying. I think I got some really great deals on 4 pairs of earrings, and I look forward to receiving them and actually seeing them in real life. Good thing I'd been saving moneys I've earned online so have some built up in PayPal to be able to make this "investment".

- Later this afternoon, Mewsic (cat) and I took a short nap together, very nice, haha.

- This evening I went to another Toastmasters meeting, the same club as last Thursday, only this was a campfire meeting. Apparently they have these twice a year. It was really nice to sit around a fire on the banks of one of our local lakes, and have our meeting. Instead of the normal table topics, we each took turns telling a ghost story. After hot chocolate and eats, we listened to 2 speeches, both very well presented, then discussed some club stuff. It was a great evening.

- I'm wondering if some of those PS3 games would be about swatting flies. My house is thick with them and I'm wanting them gone.

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