Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 15 - Wednesday

I had another good day.
- I did some housework, much needed here.
- Dan came to visit. While here he fixed my storm door as it wouldn't close properly. He also took my desktop computer home with him to reformat it and put some new programs on, things along those lines.
- I let Reba in from her run, then went out there and did a bunch of cleaning up of her... errr, 'evidence'. When I came in I was NOT happy to find she'd been entertaining herself in the garbage bag, there was garbage strung all over the kitchen and living room floors. She went back out!!
- One thing I didn't do was to check out hotel in las vegas, but you might want to.
- This evening, I went to visit the Toastmasters club that meets on Wednesday evenings. They are all very friendly and nice, but I think I don't feel as comfortable as I did with the club I visited last Thursday. I'm still not going to rush into anything, but at this point am pulling towards the one on Thursdays. I like the feel in that club, I like that I can help the club to rebuild, the feeling of being needed. Also, they are going to check and confirm, but the position of VP Membership might be available and that is the executive position I had at my former club. That would be cool to be able to step right into that roll in the new club. I think that the Thursday night club might also be a club where I can most easily meet my goals in this area while helping the club to meet there goals.
- I got an email from the VP of Education from my old club, offering to meet over tea so she can sign the projects in my manuals that I've already done in that club this year. I think that was considerate, and perhaps a gesture of friendship.
- I should be getting my refund of dues from the Toastmasters club I left... any day now. Then I can give them to the new club.

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