Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 14 - Tuesday

I had a really great day!!

- My long time friend, Graig, came by to visit. We drank tea, talked, and even got a really good start on writing a 10 minute play. I will finish it myself now, and I will act the lead part at Pasta Productions Talent Night on November 28.
- While Graig was here, another long time friend, Dave, called on the phone. I haven't heard from him in many months, so was surprised to hear from him.
- One thing I didn't do was look for egg nog recipes, but you might want to.
- Later on, I went to town. I went to vote and ran into Dave, haha. He had already done his voting earlier in the day, before he phoned me, but was on his way in to his Barber Shop Quartet singing practice.
- Met with friends, and met new friends, and we went to a really beautiful spot out on one of the lakes here. We were able to drive a fair ways in, but then had to walk a long ways (it was a lot longer on the way back out, haha, it was all uphill on the way back). Once on the beach we lit a small fire as it was rather chilly out. Most of us had taken our drums out with us, so we formed a circle around the fire, holding hands, and send a prayer, then out came the drums. We spent a fairly long time out there drumming and singing spiritual song. It was a truly awesome evening of about 3 1/2 hours. After putting the fire out by dousing it with water, we made the hike out.

It was a very special day!!

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