Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday October 3rd

This was quite the interesting day here. For one thing, I got in "cleaning mode". Not sure how that happened, but it did. One day I will figure out how and be able to reproduce that mode on a regular basis, or so one would hope. "Back in the day" I kept a pretty nice, clean home. Oh, it had a tendency to get a bit cluttered from time to time, but it was always clean and basically well kept. Then I got hit with depression and quit caring what the house looked like, it would be someone else's problem once I figured out a good way to get the (__) off this spinning ball we call Earth. Before I found that way off, I found a way to quit wanting so badly to leave here yet. Between the Centre for Spiritual Living and anti depressant meds, I am now happy and content for the most part. The depression, by the way, came as a part of other physical problems that caused a lot of pain and even more pain when I tried to do my house work, so I just quit trying... same with the yard. My place, inside and out, is a terrible mess and I am ashamed to have people come here. If I had the room in my budget to pay a house keeper, I'd have to find a way to clean this house up before the house keeper came here... that's how bad it is.

Anyway, so today I had a cleaning spurt and spent hours and hours working in part of the living room. I cleaned and tidied things, and washed plant leaves that were dusty (I'm sure they're breathing much better tonight), and removed any and all dead leaves, I washed the bay window area where some of the plants sit, moved some plants to different places in the room, cleaned and arranged the book shelf (head board off a single water bed, sitting on 2 end tables by the bay window, with books, plants, candles, ornaments, lamp), washed ornaments, did a bit of vacuuming in that area... stuff like that. Now, sitting here looking at it, it doesn't actually look like anything has been done... the place is still a mess... sigh. If I hadn't been here while it was being done, I doubt I would be able to tell if I walked into this room. However, having been here, I do know that at least parts of this room are cleaner than they were, and the plants are happier with their clean, shiny leaves.

I hope to be able to trigger that cleaning spurt thing again and again, working out further and further in this room, cleaning new areas as well as maintaining what was done today... then move into yet another part of the house and continue through. There actually is a part of me that, at 2:05am still wants to dig myself out from under this laptop computer, and the cat, to get another bucket of clean water and do some more work where I'm still seeing cobwebs and dust, however that must wait for another day as I do have things to do in town tomorrow, so must get to bed soon.

Speaking of the cat... today I witnessed the start of one of my dreams coming true. Since I got Mewsic in early August, she has been terrified of Reba, and every time that poor wee dog (haha, okay, so those of you that visit here and at Reba's Run know she'd neither poor nor wee)... every time Reba comes into the same room as Mewsic, the cat spits and growls and runs away. If Mewsic is in the living room and I let Reba into the house, there is a flash of movement and Mewsic is nowhere to be found. The other day, Mewsic did stay in the living room a bit when Reba came in, but was where Reba couldn't see her. Today, Mewsic was sitting right out here where she could be seen, I let Reba in, and the entire time Mewsic refused to budge from her spot on her favorite chair. I actually got to sit here with one hand on Reba and the other on Mewsic. Oh, at first, there was a bit of the yowl and growl my cute cat makes around the dog, but I didn't let Reba get too close and stick her nose into the cat's face, and magically, Reba was calm and not bouncing around the room. I am so happy that progress is being made. Maybe soon Mewsic will feel safe enough to come sleep on the bed with me at night, even with Reba sleeping at the foot of my bed. Now maybe I can stop thinking about getting a life insurance quote for Reba in case she got too close to Mewsic, haha.

I also managed to fit in doing the computer work part of the Sunday Programs that I do each week for the Centre for Spiritual Living. Tomorrow I will print them out, cut pages in half, and assemble all into the folders.

I did absolutely nothing that was actually on my "To Do List" for today, but I am happy I did what I did. The rest will still be on the "To Do List" tomorrow... and some the next day and ... well, you get the picture.

I guess it's time to finish off a few things here and go see if Mewsic will come to bed tonight, haha.

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