Friday, October 10, 2008

Burned Toast

I made myself some cool business cards the other day. I figured, it's better to have something like that than to have to look for a slip of paper and a pen if/when someone asks me for my number or email address, or even (wouldn't it be nice) my blog address, haha. So, I made these cards that say... oh heck, why not just show it to you (with my phone number and email addy spray painted over).

Last night, I quit the Monday Night (name of city) Toastmasters after some major problems with some of the people on the executive, and one not on the exec., but in a higher position. I expect to see that club loose a lot of members in the next year with the mismanagement I am seeing now. So much for my pretty new business cards. Now I'll have to cross out the one line on my cards and make them look ugly. Sheeeeesh!! Oh well, at least I only made 30 of them, and I'm glad I didn't put all this onto promotional pens.

There are 2 other Toastmasters clubs in the city where I live, so this evening I went to check out one of them. I had a very nice time, and I even won the ribbon for the Best Table Topics Speaker. That was cool!! I will go next Wednesday evening to the meeting of the other club. I've been to that club before and know they're great too, but want to go again before I make any choices as to which club I join. Also, I have to wait for the Monday Night club to refund my dues that I just paid, then I can give them to my new club. The club that meats on Thursday evenings is having their meeting outside next week, around a camp fire!! That should be just too much fun, and I do plan to be there, regardless of which club I ultimately join. Thursday night is one of my favorite nights on TV so it kills me to not be home on that night... and yet that is what VCRs are for, to tape the shows I want to watch. Good thing I have 2 VCRs, haha.

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quilly said...

That's why I never do stuff like cards and/or mailing labels. I have never gotten over life in my first marriage where moving often came without notice and had to be done in a matter of hours. Addresses and phone numbers changed about three times a year.