Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's up?

The last few days, things have gotten better. I have talked with Rev. Dale and Hannah and gotten the misunderstandings straightened out. Though I don't think we'll ever "hang out together" I know they don't want me to leave the Centre, and that they do love me. At this time of year, I face depression problems, with the shorter days, and now with the rain, dark days... so I can take things the wrong way and be over sensitive... and we all have been under pressure and stress to finish the renovations and get the Centre ready for the Ordination Celebration and Ceremony. Now that it's over, we can relax a bit, though we do have Rev. Sheila's Installation to plan and celebrate too, haha. It won't be as "big" though, and the renos are done, so we won't have that pressure.

The Ordination went off without a hitch. There were guest ministers from other places in BC and Alberta, as well as lots of other guests. All the songs preformed, including the one that Hannah, Linda & I did together, all went very well... right words and right notes all the way through, haha. I wore a beautiful red dress that Rev. Sheila gave me earlier this summer when cleaning out her closets, and it was too small at that time... looked like a sausage casing, haha. I managed to drop enough weight to fit in it quite nicely and I got several compliments on it, including Rev. Sheila telling me I looked "stunning" in it.

Today, as Special Music during the service, we again sang "Family", the song we sang Friday night. I suggested we do so, Hannah and Linda agreed, so we did. It's such a nice song and we put so much into learning it, and besides, not everyone there today was there Friday night, and it was nice to sing it to Rev. Dale again.

At the Centre, we are getting a choir together, so practice after the service every second week. Today was that day. We had Kathleen on piano, Chris on guitar, Andy on bongo type drums. I forgot to take my drums, but I played on of Lori's maracas during one song, "I Send My Love". Singing were: Lori, Hannah, Phyllis, Bev, Alara, myself and Rodney, with Linda singing lead and directing the rest of us. We're starting to sound better all the time.

After that, I went to the dog park with Reba and we walked twice around. We would have gone a third time, but I forgot to take my running shoes, so was walking in my good, high healed shoes, so I figured twice around was good. Then, as we were getting into the truck, it started to rain, so was good that we were leaving, haha.

Last night, when feeding the chinchillas, I was using a steak knife to break up alfalfa cubes for them. Chinchillas need to eat hay, preferably alfalfa, and I like to give them cubes rather than loose hay, but they don't like eating the cubes if they are big, so I have to break them down into smaller pieces so the chins can pick them up and hold them in their paws to eat. So, I was hard at work when the knife slipped and I stabbed myself in the left hand, just at the base of the index finger. OUCH! For a while I felt rather sick, figure it was shock trying to take over. I bandaided it as quickly as possible and let my body get back to feeling better, though the hand still hurt. It's really hard to put a bandaid on a place like this, haha. It's still sore tonight, but doing much better. I know it will heal quickly.

I'm entered into a Humorous Speech Contest at Toastmasters tomorrow night, and a Table Topics Contest, too. The Humorous Speech is to be 5-7 minutes long and of course, humorous. Table Topics is when you are given a topic to speak on and you have 1 1/2 to 2 mintues to impromptu speak on that topic. I love the challenge of this, though a bit afraid that they'll ask me to talk on current events and I'm not one to watch TV news, or read newspapers. Oh well, I'll have to find a way to make it work... or not, haha. I've never totally flopped on a TT yet, though have heard topics given to other people that, if given to me, I would have nothing at all to say. I don't feel at all ready to preform my speech either, but do have most of the day tomorrow to work more on it, so will get it better. I plan to take one of my saddles, and a sawhorse that it sits on. I'll have the Sgt. At Arms put the sawhorse out for me, then I'll walk on with my saddle, put it on the 'horse' and 'ride' through most of the speech, getting off twice when the speech leads to that. I'll also wear one of my cowboy hats, and take a ball cap so I can change hats to indicate the change of people in the bits that have dialoge (don't think that's spelled right... conversation). Wish me luck. I'm going to need a bucket full, lol.

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quilly said...

Your speech sounds like fun. Have somebody tape it so we can see it, too.