Monday, September 22, 2008

Manic Monday - Formula

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Mo, at It's A Blog Eat Blog World, is the creator of Manic Monday. Each week, he gives a word for us to post about in any way we choose. The word this week is formula.

I believe I've found the formula for a much better life. Oh, at times I get 'silly' and forget about this formula, but for the most part I do remember at least parts of it. My life, as a result, is soooo much better in soooo many ways, and it is well on it's way to better in all ways. What is this formula? It is way too big to tell in it's totality here, or in any one post. However, a large part of it is the Law of Attraction!! This is a Universal Law that works all the time, for every person, whether they know about it or not, whether they believe in it or not. Somewhat like the Law of Gravity in that way, even if you know nothing about gravity, it is working for you right now... believe it or not.

My mission in life is to help other people to live a happier and more abundant life, to find the increased self confidence and happiness that I have found over the past several years. I think that I now may have the (or at least one of the) formula for this, too. I have just started my own Book Store, online!! I'm really excited about this as it has books that are all about helping people to become happier & to live a better life. Some are e-books and some are audio and e-book together so you can read while you listen, something I find much better for helping me to absorb what is being shared with us. You will also find FREE MOTIVATION for you to read while you listen to the audio. These are worth the visit, if nothing else, and I'm sure you will find some awesome book there that will help you to change your life. No one is so happy and healthy and wealthy that they can't use some more!

Maybe you'll find the formula to add to your life!!

When you change your thoughts, you change your life!!!
This is a scientifically proven fact!!
So, go to New Thoughts, my new online bookstore, and find yourself some very interesting reading/listening.

Happy Manic Monday. I wish you all a great week!!

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Dr.John said...

I found a formula for joy and peace a long time ago. But it isn't your formula. Imagine there are two formulas.

Travis said...

Good for you! I've found that life is better when you find and do the things that make you happy.