Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on C2

Got a call from C1 today with more problems. C2 is really mad at her for calling the police and having her put into hospital. She's accused C1 of trying to take over everything from her and that's why she thinks C1 had her committed. I guess with C1 going out to C2's ranch and taking care of her kids and animals, it could look like she's taking over, but also I'd think it better than just leaving them all hanging. C2's father lives out there too, but is physically disabled, so while he can do some of the work required, he can't do it all, so C1 was there to help. From what I can see, she really does mean well, regardless of what C2 thinks just now. Anyway, C2 wants C1 off the property, etc etc etc.

Now, there's more problems with animals there too. Some of the dogs got into the dead sheep that some of the other dogs had killed last week, and ate a bunch of the meat. Why that would make them sick I have no clue, doesn't sound quite right to me, but C1 said she had to take 3, or was it 4, dogs to the vet to save their lives because if they died C2 would totally go over the edge. So now C1 is going to have a big vet bill for saving the lives of these dogs of C2's... and she's asking everyone to help her pay this vet bill. I told her I have to buy food for my pets and can't spend my money on other people's vet bills. I have to put my animals first, plain and simple. Also, I'm sorry, but I'd have to actually see the dogs in the vet's care and see the bill, even if I had the money to give. I met C1 through the internet when she was giving her rat away and I took him. So, I've known her less than a week now, actually met last Friday night at a meeting her and C2 held as they've been trying to start a Horse Rescue group. (Not sure what will happen to that now). I do not know her well enough to be giving money to her. Maybe if I had lots I might see things differently and go pay the bill... maybe. Perhaps she could check out authorize.net and apply for a low interest credit card.


Mo said...

Yeah, giving money to strangers is not on my list of "good things to do"!
Smart move.

Dr.John said...

The whole thing sounds horrible. And there you are in the midst of it.