Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Day

Here is a brief look at my day... in point form:

- Practiced my speech for tonight's Toastmaster meeting. It's the same one I gave last week, and I was given the opportunity to give it again in our club as I will be giving it at the Area Contest on Friday, October 10. Was supposed to be October 3, but got changed.

- Cleaned Kashi's very stinky cage. It came to me filthy, and I wanted to scrub it clean the moment the former owners of this rat left, but I also wanted to do what is best for my new pet... so I left the cage alone to let him get used to being in a strange home with a strange human and strange animals. He's had nearly a week here now, and I couldn't take it any longer.

- In a rush to get ready to go out for the evening, I hit my hand on the spout of the bathroom taps and put a deep cut on the middle knuckle of the index finger of my right hand, so had to bandaid it up and am typing with a stiff finger. A few minutes ago, I took the old, blood filled bandaid off and it looked good until I washed my hands, then it came open again and started to bleed again... so I did it back up again. Maybe I need the people who make the box cutter come here and safty proof my home, haha.

- I took my rat, Kashi, to Toastmasters this evening and used him as part of my speech, heehee. Went very well, though later comments indicated that some people are afraid or grossed out by them, so best I don't use him in the Contest. He could gain or loose points for me.

- One of our long time Toastmasters thinks I need to 'dress the part' more. I was dressed exactly how I dress when I ride... jeans, boots, t-shirt, cowboy hat. Still, she feels I'm not 'western' enough. In other words, she wants me to dress up like a DUDE so that dudes amongst the judges at the contest will 'get it' and see me as dressing the part. GRRRRR. I don't do DUDE. BUT... when I got home, I dug out an old pair of boots that likely look more the part than the Roper Horseshoes I have worn for years now. I'll wear these very old boots that I did wear on the range a lot, and will wear a pair of my spurs with them too... in fact, one pair is still on these boots, so the judges should like that. Also, I tried on my chaps. I thought they wouldn't fit anymore as I've gained a lot of weight, but surprise! I was able to not only buckle up the belt on them, but also zip up the leg zippers. They're a bit snug, but that's okay. These are old chaps with no fringes or anything like that, not at all dude, hehe. Now, to find a shirt that will 'fit the part' while not being dude-like.... no friges, thanks very much.

- Went to Tim Horton's for tea/coffee with several people from Toastmasters, as we usually do after a meeting.

- I left Reba inside the house when I went out... and I came home to a mess. Garbage all over the place!! She'd gotten into the garbage bag and had quite a wonderful time by the looks of it. GRRRR. I was not happy. She went outside and I cleaned up her mess.

- Oh ya, today I also went around visiting some Manic Monday posts... tho no where near as many as I'd have liked to get to.

- I posted my Doves to go to a new home through Freecycle. The cage I have for them just is too small and I don't have room in the house for a bigger one. I thought of putting them outside in a shed, but with winter coming on, I just don't want to deal with frozen water dishes and going outside to feed 2 birds. So, it's just better to send them to a different home.

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Mo said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff happening!
And now I want a Tim Horton's coffee!

I'll bet Kashi was VERY happy to get a clean cage!!!!