Thursday, September 11, 2008

PEACE & Gratitude

I was happy to hear on the 11pm news that there was a Peace and Awareness Rally in the park her today. Apparently it was the 2nd one, they had one last year too. I will have to remember so I can go rally with them next year. Mother Teresa said she'd never go to an anti-war rally, but hold a Peace rally and she'd be there. I'm sure that, in Spirit, she was there today. I too will never go to an anti-war rally. You see, one must focus their attention on what they DO want, not on what they don't want. God, The Universe, gives to us based on what we think about, what we give our thought energy to. So, if you think anti-war, you are giving your thought energy to war, if you think "stop war" you are thinking about war. When you think about war, you will get more war. When you think "Peace", "promote Peace" or anything about "Peace", now you will experience peace in your life.

The same goes for your health, wealth, love life, whatever. Gratitude is also very important in creating a happy life, so be grateful for what you have in order to receive more. "I hate my job" will only bring you more to hate. "I am grateful for my job and I look forward to moving on to a new job that suits me better" will be far more likely to get you what you want... well, unless you want more to hate. Some people thrive on feeling sorry for themselves, and/or receiving other peoples pity. Some like to always be angry, and don't want to give that up.

"I am very grateful for my income, and I am open and receptive to something better." That is how I choose to think... and FEEL. Yes, you must really feel this way for it to make the difference. If you say one thing and really feel another, then it will be created in your life based on your true feelings.

"I am thankful for the people in my life who love me." This improves my chances of one day meeting that special man, and in the meantime helps me feel loved and happy in my life as it is. "I give thanks for my health" rather than focusing on pain and health challenges will improve my life.

"The fight against terrorism". What do you think that thought is creating? If you think that attitude or way of thinking will ever end terrorism, then think again. That will only create more problems, more of what we do not want. Ask yourself "What DO I want?" If you want peace, think along the lines of "I am grateful for the peace in my heart, and for the peace in my world."

I am grateful for all that come to visit my blog. I send you all love and peace.

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quilly said...

For pete's sake, I am exhausted just reading all of this stuff! I hope your back is feeling better. I got off work early yesterday and spent the afternoon in the park. Go have a look at my pictures!