Friday, September 05, 2008

Opening Doors

Jientje at Heaven In Belgium is hosting a photo challenge this week, Monday to Saturday. It's "Opening Doors". Why don't you take a moment to pop on over and check it out.

This is Day #6. This is day #last.
This has been fun. I've really enjoyed Opening Doors this week, and I thank Jientje for hosting it for us. Having hosted the last photo challenge, I know there's a lot of work involved in doing that. I also know there is a lot of fun involved in it too. I appreciate the work Jientje has done as hostess of this challenge... and I look forward to jumping right in with both feet to take part in the next photo challenge, whatever it may be, and whoever may be the host/hostess.

~ Click on photos to enlarge them ~
Bigger really can be better

In the city where I live, it is not uncommon to see old houses be turned into commercial locations... offices and such. Here are some of them. These are all within a block of the Court House that I posted for Friday's Opening Doors.

This first one is the Denturist I go to. She made my denture and just relined it for me yesterday.

Ahhh, yes... the rear entrance. You pass the garage with the really cool painting on the double doors to get to the entrance to the Denture Centre, and you can see part of that door too.

I'll let the next pictures tell the stories. Wow, it's amazing how crooked I got so many of these. It's a miracle I got them in focus and that's likely thanks to the camera more than me, lol. I was having a really hard time seeing the last while. Today I went and got my glasses adjusted. Now I see much better, hahaha.

This last photo is not of a house that's been turned into a business. It is of a house that is still a house... or at least it appeared to be when I walked past it and took the photos. I really like this one and wish I could have gotten it without the car there. Do you think, if I'd knocked on the door and said I wanted to take a photo of their door they would have come out and moved the car?

I wish you all an awesome weekend.

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Carver said...

Those are all lovely doors. I like the ones with the mural on it so much.

ellen b said...

What a great walk of doors you are showing us here. Fun! That painted garage door is great...

Hummer H2 said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Dr.John said...

Great door pictures. I like the last one with red door most of all.