Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Slide Show Attempt

For some time now I've wanted to know how to do Slide Shows. Now, finally, I know. Thanks to BRIDGING THE GAP, I was led to Heaven In Belgium where I found a link to Slide. I signed up, and I created a slide show, just to try it out. I used shots of some flowers, taken in the park last night when it was too late for good light. Under the circumstances, I think they turned out rather interesting as the backgrounds are all black.

Now, when I have lots of photos to show you, like I did of Omak (BRIDGING THE GAP Day 4) or Sandon (a follow up to BRIDGING THE GAP Day 1), then I can do a slide show instead of a long line of photos. Be sure to let me know which way you prefer to see the photos... sliding or sitting still, lol.


Minkydo said...

I love slide. I use it when I have many pictures like I did for my vacation pictures.

I like it, but I prefer the simple themes rather than the splashy or ones that make my eyes twitch.

Jientje said...

Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you found it through me!
I'm with Minkydo on this, I like the slideshow, but not the swirly colourful ones, I prefer simple themes too! Oh and I got a comment myself saying that I should slow them down, and you can, there's an option for that too! You just have to try some stuff there, there are some really great features, depending what "mood" you're in!
My new Bridging the gap is up now!