Monday, August 25, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Ideas

There have been a couple people who have said they would like to join in, but have no pictures of bridges, and have none where they live to take photographs of. Also, some have said they have some photos of bridges but not many and none to photograph. Well.... I think this could be an opportunity for you!!! haha. Think "outside the box"!!

As we discovered on Reba's Run today... a log across a stream is a bridge. Many people over the years have walked across logs to get to the other side... myself included.

Another thing to think about: an over pass on a highway is a form of bridge. It bridges the gap between two points to allow vehicles to be driven across that gap... and the span of the over pass crosses the flow of traffic passing below... same as a bridge spans the flow of water that passes below it.

What other unique ideas can you come up with?? What does the dictionary say about bridges or bridging? This could turn out to be even more fun and interesting than I'd first thought, haha.


quilly said...

Often parks have a water feature complete with bridge. There is a mall here that has just such a feature and I would love to go "picture" it, but I can't see driving clear across the island (literally the furthest dry point from my home)just for the sake of a little wooden bridge in an indoor oriental garden over a pond full of huge, ancient coy .... hmmmmmmmmmmmm. What excuse could I use for driving past no less than 5 malls to get to that specific one?

And Dr. John posted a bridge from his train collection! Take pictures of kids playing London Bridges! (Do they still do that?)

jientje said...

I know! I realized the same thing this afternoon!