Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weather Report

These are the temperatures for January 5, according to the

MAX TEMP : 6.4°C


MEAN TEMP : -1.7°C agrees with the max. & min. temps for today.

Beautiful day with a fair bit of sunshine. Water was running off the neighbors roof like crazy (looking out my bedroom window). Not much ran off my roof as the snow had already fallen down. As I write this it's still 2°C = 35.6 degree Fahrenheit

These are the temperatures for January 4, according to the

MAX TEMP : 1.6°C

MIN TEMP : -5.4°C

MEAN TEMP : -1.9°C

The rain was really coming down for awhile as I drove around town, from the chiropractor to the library (just missed getting in there as it was 5:30 and they close at 5:30, must've locked the doors a bit early), then to the Centre to do the Sunday Programs. Melting the snow away.

This weather report comes to you by me and sponsored by where you can get yourself a hard drive.

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