Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sadness Today

Today I heard from a dear friend that one of her daughters had passed away rather suddenly. This so saddens my heart. Not for the daughter, I know this is part of the process of life, this is something really to rejoice in for the one that gets to leave the confines of the earthly body and go on to the next phase of their life, but it is for those left behind that my heart so aches. This dear friend lost her beloved son not many years ago, the anniversary will be the 19th of this month. Then just this past fall, her husband passed away. Now her daughter. How much can one family bear, I wonder? One blessing is the birth of a wee grandson just days after 'Grandpa' passed on.

Today I was reading from the book 'The Power of Decision' by Raymond Charles Barker. It is the book I've been taking a course on. The class has been on holiday during the holidays, lol, and it resumes this Tuesday, January 8th, my birthday. There are just 2 classes left and I wanted to read ahead. So much of the time I'm running behind and haven't gotten all my reading done, so now I've read ahead and finished the entire book.

Today, as I read the last pages of this book, I read page 163 and was moved by what it said. I copied (typed) it out and sent it to my dear friend. I am saving it so I can include it in my 'will kit', as I make a will I also plan to put little things in with it to be read at a memorial service or whatever after I'm gone. I don't need anything, but know that those who love me do need some way to feel they've said goodbye to me. Funerals are so sad, such 'downers' and I don't want people to be down.... so maybe a Memorial Service would be better, a chance for people to remember the 'ups' of my life.

P. 163 ~ The Power of Decision

To trust in Life reduces the pressures of everyday living. It makes you feel that the whole world is supporting you at all times. This is exactly what the world is doing. Something great, wonderful, and true is backing up each of us. Knowing this, there is almost nothing to fear, not even death. You are a continuum. Your consciousness does not stop when your heart stops beating. You are an individual in Infinity and Eternity. You go right on living in a different environment. A fear of death is understandable in an ignorant mind, but not in yours. You are life that goes right on living, evolving, and being.

Bodies die, not people. You are not your body; you are an individual using a body. You have had many bodies during your lifetime. You started with a newborn baby’s body about six to eight pounds in weight. Six years later, you had a different body. At fourteen, you had another type body; at thirty, you had another. Your present body is temporary, as were the ones you have used all through your years of living. You, as consciousness, moved through these bodies. You, as consciousness, will continue to flow through bodies; not visible to your family and friends, but very visible to you. When you state that a dear friend just died, you are talking of his or her body only. Consciousness cannot die.

I cannot believe that an Intelligence that created me out of Itself, and gave me the tools to use for creative living where I am, has no further use for me or plans for me. Most of us are not really valuable to life until we are past fifty. Many people are at their most creative peak when their bodies cease functioning. No, you and I have a great deal of vital living to do in the millions of years ahead of us. There is no heaven and there is no hell, but there are creative areas in this ever-expanding universe where we keep on being ourselves. God will still be in business a thousand years from now and we are God’s business.

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crazy working mom said...

So sorry to hear this. I'll be sending out good thoughts and prayers to you and your friend and her family.

crunchy carpets said...

wow...I will be
sharing that with
my dh...

he has been following
that sort of idea
to deal with
the loss of his

thank you