Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Birthday!!!

Yesterday was awesome!! I got so many wonderful greetings, so much love sent to me. Birthday ecards, birthday phone calls, birthday emails.

Hannah invited me to their place for lunch before we did our song rehearsal, she's an awesome pianist and has helped me a lot to learn to sing better. We both look forward to the day the Centre can send me for singing lessons so I can improve even more. The rehearsal, as always, was very enjoyable. My singing has come a long ways since we started practicing together, since I became the Congregational Song Leader at our Spiritual Centre.

I renewed my drivers license. Very important and I'm glad it's done for another 5 years. 10 years ago when I did this, it cost $35 and had just jumped up in price, though I can't be sure now what it was before that. 5 years ago when I renewed it, the cost was $40, now it's $75. The government just keeps grabbing more and more money from us. Scary to think what it could be by 2013 when I am due to renew it again, but I know I will have what I need when the time comes, and I will pay what I have to pay to be able to continue to drive.

Next I ran another errand to fill out a form I had to do regarding having Don living in my travel trailer as my 'tenant'. I feel really good about having him here, it feels 'right' to have him living on the property. When I was common-law with his older brother Doug, Doug made a beautiful clock that we gave to my parents for Christmas that year. Later, when they moved into a condo and were downsizing, Mom offered the clock back to me. It hangs on my living room wall and for the last quite a while (months, maybe over a year) it hasn't kept accurate time. I replaced the battery, straightened the bent hands, yet still they silly thing didn't stay true. Shortly after Don moved in, he set the time on this clock, and it has kept proper time ever since. Now how 'weird' is that? I think it's a sign that the 'time was right' to have someone else living on this property too.... but I digress...

Just after 4pm I got to Rosters Pub. Jan was already there waiting, Pat & Phyllis were just arriving as I got there. I didn't expect them to bring gifts, but they all did. Pat - a Hershey Kisses chocolate fondue set; Jan - a small candle in a glass container with shells; Phyllis - a very pretty, tall, clear glass candle holder with a small candle in it. What a great surprise! We each ate a salad and had a drink as well as ate a ton of free birthday chicken wings. Well, not a ton, but 52 wings is a lot of eating to do (one for each year).

I made a dash to the nearest grocery store and bought some cookies and tiny little cupcakes to take to class with me, as well as milk, cream for the cat, and frozen veggies for making soup.

The Power of Decision class was wonderful as always. Had a good time and learned a lot, how much better can it get... haha. We had a break for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years, now we're back at it and only have one class left to go. Oh well, there will be other classes then :o) The class is from 7-9:30 though we often run overtime a bit, as we did last night. None of us ever seem to be worried about that, or in a great hurry to have the classes over.

I talked to Dave on my cell as I drove, and got home around 10pm or shortly after. Did a bit of cleaning as I continued to talk to him (have a bluetooth hands free headset, and free airtime at that hour of the night). Then I watched some TV. Don and Angel came up around 11pm. and stayed until about 2:30am. As we visited and watched TV, I talked on MSN to Stacia about worm farming. Got to bed around 4am.

All in all it was a great day!!! And now for day 2 of my birthday, haha. January 8th is the official day, but it often runs 'over time'. Today I am going to visit Mom, about a 25 minute drive from here. Later this evening my sister & her husband will join Mom & I for dinner at Mom's. I'm hoping she has the necklace & earrings I ordered from her daughter at Christmas. I'm looking forward to getting them.

And now I must be off. I have to get dressed yet and drive up there, likely take Mom out for a drive somewhere. We do love our drives. I want to take pictures with all this fresh snow we have.


Travis said...

Happy Birthday!!! And here's to many returns of the day!

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U surely enjoyed the day. Wish u all the best.