Friday, December 28, 2007

A Wish for 2008!

I think that romance is an important thing in everyones life, whether you are married or not and whether you admit it or not. Even if you are getting over a break-up, a little romance will help you feel better about yourself and your life, but please take it slowly and don't rush into anything.

I wish Romance For Everyone in 2008!

I want to start the year off right by having a date with a nice man. He doesn't have to be my 'right' man, just a nice one that I can talk, laugh and spend an enjoyable evening with. Someone who is good looking, and also intelligent so we can have a good, deep conversation over a nice dinner. Maybe we'd go out to a movie, then go for coffee/tea and discuss what each of us liked or disliked about the movie. You can't get to know each other while sitting in a dark theater watching a show on the screen, but you can by talking honestly afterwards. I want him to hold my coat while I put it on, to hold the doors for me, including buildings and vehicles, and to in general just treat me like a lady. I miss having this kind of treatment and I want it back.

I think that it is important to keep the romance in a relationship, i.e. marriage, if you want that relationship to be a happy one... if you want it to last. One way to do this would be the 10 second kiss. When your partner comes home, say from work, great him/her at the door and kiss for 10 full seconds. Yes, EVERY TIME... not just some days, not just when you feel like it, but every day. I think you would be surprised at how much it is enjoyed by both parties and how it keeps the romance alive and well.

Before we can truly love someone else, we must first truly love our self. This is vital in any relationship. You are valuable!! You are worth loving!! You are LOVABLE!! All my life I thought I was not lovable, not worth anyones time to love, and that even if they took the time to try loving me it wouldn't be possible, so they would fail. I even thought many times about removing myself from the Earth as a favor to certain family members, and to the world at large. Now I am so thankful that I never did follow through on those thoughts. I have made so many changes in my life and I now know that I am lovable and love-able, I am worth loving, and if someone took the time to get to know me, I would be easy to love. My Dad once gave me a paper that had a drawing of a cute little boy with his chin on his crossed forearms. The caption said: "I know I'm somebody, cuz God don't make no junk". I understand it more and at a deeper level now than I did all those years ago, and I know it to be true.

Now, finally, I think I am ready to start dating again after so many years of not doing so. I am ready to have romance come back into my life. I am ready to love and to be loved. It's not that others haven't loved me before, it's that at some deeper level, I didn't allow their love in. I had a big brick wall up that kept love out because I thought it would hurt too much if it got inside.

* Many people love me, friends and family members.
* I am lovable
* I am loving
* I am God's expression of Love
* I am ready to receive love into my life
* I am ready to receive the love mate that God has waiting to enter my life.

I wish you all a wonderful 2008, and may it be filled with love and romance.

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