Monday, December 17, 2007

Web Hosting

With all the blogging for money, and a lot of people that do the blogging for money `thing`, a lot of people are moving from just blogging of free sites, to blogging also on their own domain. One of the first things it is important to do is research web hosting sites and see what choices you have. One of them is, so sounds like a good place to start, or continue, your research on this subject.

I have got a blog on my own domain, though I`ve not done much with it. I wasn`t able to come even close to understanding how to use the blogging program. Over the last couple weeks, it`s like a cloud or fog has been raising up and leaving my brain, and it`s becoming easier to think straight, so I will soon be giving that program another look and see if I am now in better frame of mind to read, and to learn from that which I read.

The link(s) in this ad has been removed - March 7, 2009

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