Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weather Report

These are the temperatures for December 29, according to the

MAX TEMP : -0.9°C

MIN TEMP : -6.3°C

MEAN TEMP : -3.6°C agrees with the max. & min. temps for today.

I don't know where these guys get their information, because I know for a fact it was warmer today than -0.9°C. How do I know? Because everywhere I went it was melting, and at anything with a - before it, there would be no melting. 0°C is the point of freezing, so to be melting you have to be above 0, not below it.

Anyway, so today there was a lot of melting going on all over town. There was blue sky peaking out from behind the clouds, and at one point, as I was driving along, the sun was so bright and reflecting off the wet roads, that it was very hard to see where I was going, and it was painful to the poor wee eyes.... but sure was nice to have sunshine for awhile. This evening it started to snow for awhile, but didn't last for all that long.

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