Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29 - the year is winding down.

It was a fairly busy day today. I went to Future Shop to pick up a Bluetooth headset for Dan. He saw mine the other day and asked if I could go pick one up for him too, haha. I said sure, so he gave me money and I got him one today. While there, as prearranged, I met a gal I'd talked to through Freecycle. I offered a food processor and she wanted it, so we arranged to meet at Future Shop at 1:30, so I gave it to her. Good to have that big, heavy thing out of my kitchen. I'm also giving away a kettle and a scale, though no one has asked for the scale yet, so it will go to the second hand store. With all the 'stuff' I have 'stuffed' into this home, I often feel like I need a second home for me and my animals to live in, and leave this as storage.

I went to Everything For A Dollar Store and got some odds and ends stuff... everything for a dollar. Cell phone case, 2 extension cords, 3 tea towels for drying my dishes, a package of 4 mouse traps (going to put them on the counter, set and placed upside down, so when Reba goes to steal something off the counter again they'll start snapping. None will clamp on her at all, just make for one very surprised dog.), a bottle of Coke, ummm, I think there were one or two other little things too... oh ya, a cloth bag with Canada and the Maple Leaf on it was one of those one or two things.

Next was Goodlife Fitness, the gym I used to go to. I paid off the $51.50 they said I owed them. Not happy about it, but at least its done and I can go into the new year without that hanging over my head. Then off to get a bottle of Indonesian Soya Sauce, a loaf of bread and a pack of pepperoni and cheese sticks at Bakers Dozen, and next door to fill my water jug with reverse osmosis water. Next was down town to the bulk food store for oatmeal, flax seeds, raisins, and craisins (dried cranberries). Then over to Liquidation World to stock up on beef and chicken broths. A 1 liter (about the size of a quart) container for $1. Also picked up a couple other little things like page separators in binders.

I went to my Spiritual centre and did up the programs for tomorrows service... computer work to design them, updating the information... print them out... cut them to size... put several pieces of paper into a folder/program cover.

Finished the day by going to visit Cyndi for tea, and to pick up the cute little Hibachi barbecue that she gave me awhile ago and I forgot to take home then, haha. She also gave me a small pet food dish and a thing that looks like a log hollowed out to give to one of my chinchillas. Apparently it is meant for rodents and is chewable so they can wear down their teeth. Now to decide which cage it goes into, haha.

Once home I decided what to wear to church tomorrow morning, something that will show off my new necklace and earrings set that I plan to wear. I'll wear black pants, white blouse and black blazer... and the necklace/earrings are black and silver. Okay.... so I just 'had' to go take pictures of them to show you.

If you are a regular here, you likely know I got some jewelry for Christmas. This first necklace is the one my sister, Marcy, gave me. It's rose quartz, amethyst, and glass beads. I love it and have been wearing it a lot.

This is the one I will be wearing tomorrow, for the first time. I hung one earring there with it and left the other one on the card 'til tomorrow, haha. I chose this necklace to use the gift certificate from Mom... and of course "had to have" the earrings too. This and the next pair of earrings were bought with the $50 cash Mom gave me. There are crystals in the silver on the necklace, so they sparkle in certain light.

And I parted with $50 of my own money to have this necklace too. This one is on order so I should have it very soon. I think Marcy will likely be bringing it back from Calgary with her when she comes back from visiting her daughter Shannon who actually sells this beautiful jewelry.
So... 3 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings... and I've been eying up some amethyst earrings in the catalogue, too, to match the Rose Quartz and Amethyst necklace, haha. I am so bad. I am actually seriously considering selling this jewelry as I love it so much.

And now... I'm off to bed so I can get up early and be off for yet another wonderful day. I wish you the same.

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Swarovski flatback rhinestones said...

Great idea! Much better than my method, which is to tear things out of magazines, leave them in a big pile and then eventually throw them away because I can't remember why I saved them.

I bow down before your organizational skills. How do you do it?