Thursday, December 06, 2007

December 5

Well, today has been interesting. A long time friend of mine, formerly a `common-law brother-in-law`came by. He was here a few days ago and told me he was going to be homeless. He`s been boarding with friends, but their landlord had come over and said that because he wasn`t on the lease he had to leave. He`s currently not working which doesn`t make it any easier for him. I told him that if he wants to he and his little dog are welcome to come live in my travel trailer for the winter. He wasn`t sure what he was going to do, find work here or go back to Calgary and find work there. Also he had an offer to use someone`s mobile home a ways further out than where I am. It has a wood stove in it, but is not hooked up to water or sewer and I`m not even sure if there`s power to it.

Today, Don came back and said he would like to stay in my trailer. I showed it to him and he figures it will do him just fine. I`m not charging him to stay here while he gets back onto his feet. All I ask is that the hydro he`ll use out there be covered so I don`t have to put out money I don`t have to spare. He is happy to pay his way. He`s talking about things he can do to fix up my travel trailer for me too. I got it for free a month or so ago, as you`ll know if you are a regular here, and it`s in pretty good condition for the most part, but there are some little things that need doing. He went to his storage unit and got a few things tonight, including a small electric heater, a lamp, an extension cord, and his vacuum cleaner. He plugged the heater and light in, and went to work vacuuming before he came to the house for coffee and a visit. Oh ya, he also bought a door knob and switched the one that I didn`t have a key for on the trailer, then gave me a key and kept one for himself, so now the trailer locks and we both have a key for it.

I`ve rarely been bothered by living here alone, though I have had to think a bit about it lately with crime up a lot in this area, as I think it is in most or all areas. Having a man living on the property won`t hurt in that way at all, ads to having a rottweiler, haha. It feels good to help someone out when they are in need. I am so very grateful to be in a position to help someone else. Now I know why this travel trailer came to me as it did, for free this fall.

I did some blogging, as you will see if you scroll down, that for the most part I feel to be very interesting `stuff`. I also did 3 loads of laundry. Well, took one out of the dryer that was from a few days ago, folded and put away most of it. Washed and dried and put away another load, washed another load that is now in the dryer, and put a third load into the washer. In the morning I will take out and fold what`s in the dryer now, and put what`s in the washer into the dryer. I have one more load to do too. Also, if I change my bedding, which would be a good idea, I`ll have another load to wash too. I also washed a bunch of dishes today. So I guess I accomplished something, though not as much as I would have liked. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do all I want or need to do, then give me company for a good part of the day, and phone calls, and a friend wanting to talk on MSN for ages... well, you get the picture, haha.

Oh ya, Reba got to meet Don`s dog, Angel tonight. The size difference is incredible! It went well, considering how excited Reba gets about everything, but she did settle down after almost knocking the table over a couple times, lol.

All in all, I believe this will be a good winter.

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