Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 2

I'm going to do some catching up here. Life just gets so busy some days... sigh.

December 2nd, Sunday, what did I do? The day started with a friend dropping in to visit while I was getting ready for church. I managed to get to church a bit later than I wanted to, but in time to do a short song rehearsal before people started arriving for the 10:30am meditation. During the service, I was, as every Sunday, the Congregational Song Leader, and I also sang a duet with our pianist, Hannah. We had worked on this piece for several months, it's the hardest one we've done to date, but we finally got it all down and preformed it flawlessly.

After the service we had the usual social time, coffee, tea, and being the first Sunday of the month, birthday cake. You can see photos of the cake I made if you scroll down a bit, or click on this link. Awe, come on.... scroll down and see all the other cool stuff.

Before church it was not snowing and was even a fairly bright day. One of the songs we sang as a congregation was "Let It Snow", the well known Christmas song. By the time we left, it was snowing a bit. I went to the dog park to walk with Reba, and the snow fall got heavier and heavier as we walked. The rest of the day, evening, night it continued with a very heavy snow fall. We are not singing that song again!!

Dan came over when I got home from the dog park, but didn't stay all that long due to the heavy snow fall, wanted to get home before dark.

I know I watched TV that night.... a movie about the life of John Denver, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters. Seems to me I was on the computer at the same time as I usually am lately.

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