Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 13 - looking back

I am waaaaayyyyy behind on my posts. One, I've been very busy, but especially two... my internet was down for two terrible days. Since my internet connection was repaired I've been an the run in one way or another, so I've been missing all of you, my friends. So, I will try to remember some of the things I've done over the last few days and share it with you here, as well as do Manic Monday and... well, you get the picture. It could take awhile to catch up.

Wednesday I stayed home, and my new cell phone was delivered to me, so on Thursday, Dec. 13, I drove into Vernon to get a Bluetooth headset for it as they had some on a good sale at Future Shop. Unfortunately, the people that were working that day didn't have a clue. They also didn't know where the on sale Bluetooth headsets were. They thought they had some around somewhere, but where they didn't have a clue. So I got a rain check and went on about my day.

I drove to Enderby, picked up and delivered a Christmas tree Mom had bought from a friend of hers. Then I went to Colleen & Dave's to get some special, fine grind lime dust for the chinchillas to bath in . Unfortunately, there is no way to get any more of the good chin bath dust as it's not made anymore, so even the breeders can't get it, but this lime dust works okay, better than nothing and I got 25Kg, that's 55 pounds, for $8. This will last with my 5 chins for a long time, a very long time in fact.

Back to Mom's where I sorted out all the branches and put the tree together for Mom, then we went down town and bought 2 strings of lights for it. Back at the house I decorated the tree and we decided we needed a third strand of lights for it to be right, so I did it in such a way that I could just add them later. By this time it was getting pretty late, so back home I drove.

Don came up for coffee, of course, even though it was well after 11pm when I arrived home. It was around 2am when he left and about 3 by the time I got to bed.

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