Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Most years I choose to make homemade gifts for my family members or friends that I exchange gifts with. The last 2 years my Christmas gifts included weaving, crocheting, and photography. At this time of night I don't quite remember the years before that, lol. This year, however, I've been way too busy with other things in my life to do any hand crafts, so, thanks to the money I make posting ads to my blog, I can purchase gifts instead.

I ordered some nice teas, The Republic of Teas, from Mo and his store The Wren's Nest. Unfortunately, they have not arrived yet. Monday is the last possible day that they could show up, as Tuesday is Christmas day. I have decided that I will have to buy some teas locally instead now... Celestial Seasonings teas are very nice, though not as great as the few teas I've tasted from The Republic of Teas. Also, they can buy the CS teas themselves, so nothing special, they both have more money than I do, lol. The ROT tea would be something special as it's not in our local stores.

I plan to give photographs I've taken, matted but not framed, to my brother Bernie & wife Karen, as well as to each of his 3 kids as they are all grown now. I'll also give a photo to sister Marcy & Randy, as I did last year, also matted but not framed. I will also give M (we often call Marcy M) some nice tea. I'm putting together a basket for Mom. It will include teas, crackers, chocolate, and other little bits and bites I see while I'm out shopping either tomorrow afternoon, or Monday afternoon.

I am happy to say that not only do I not have to use my credit cards to make these purchases, but also I have no need to apply for loans to get enough gifts to feel I've done good.

I guess I'd better check the stack of photos and mats I have here and see if I need to get any more in stock to fill my Christmas needs.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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crazy working mom said...

Hmmm...I do know UPS does deliver on Christmas day. Maybe you will get them before then, though.

Merry Christmas to you, Alice.