Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Follow-up

I just noticed that there are two posts for Wordless Wednesday... both the same. I do not know how that happened. Very odd. I went to delete one of them just now when I noticed, but then I saw that some comments were made on both of them, so I will leave them both there.

These are not baby porcupines, they are baby Hedgehogs! Natalie, what do you mean they're a little creepy? There's nothing creepy about babies... even baby Hedgehogs. They're just beautiful! haha. Carmi, it is good to connect with other Canadians, for sure. I also would like to have them for pets. I've lots of pets, but no Hedgehogs so far.

Thank you to everyone who visited my Wordless Wednesday this week. You are all appreciated.

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