Friday, November 30, 2007

Weather Report

When I try to get the info from today, November 29, I get this message at
Data is unavailable for the date you have selected.

I clicked on "Last 24 Hours" and they had info there. They say we hit the high for today at 2pm and it was 0°C. Today when I looked out the bedroom window, I noticed there was a lot of water running off the neighbors roofs, so I figured it was warmer than 0°C. I've noticed before that it is always warmer here than they say it was on TV or the internet, but I keep forgetting to check the thermometer here to record it and also I'm not always home to do it. And I broke my outside thermometer the other day... sigh.

Also on the at "Last 24 Hours", they say the low was -5°C.

It was a fairly bright day, with sun and cloud mixed. I must admit that without chickens to care for I didn't actually go outside today except into the carport for a bag of pellets for the stove, and that's not really outside.

I checked out another weather site.... and they agree that our city had a high of 0°C and a low of -5°C. I've noticed in the past that these two sites often do not agree.

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