Friday, November 30, 2007

November 29th

Today was a fairly good day. I talked on MSN to a friend who has recently started a new business that includes a really great sounding health product. Another person I know was recently telling me about this product, not knowing anything about the business or anything, just that a very good friend of hers has been experiencing really great improvements in her health since she's been taking this stuff, and the gal that told me is wanting to get onto it. She told me because she knows of my health challenges. So Wilson is coming up (he lives in a town just about an hour south of here) on Saturday and bringing me some of the products to see and try. I am going to get into this business too.... so will tell more about it soon.

With Wilson coming up I want my home cleaned up before he gets here. I don't want people seeing this mess, and I don't want them to worry about me, which friends tend to do as they know it gets like this when I'm depressed. Anyway, it's good incentive to get back to work. I cleaned up another chunk of my living room tonight. I had to take one of my super duper pain killers to do it, and I try not to take these as I don't want to become immune to them. I've had that happen too often to the point of where there is very little choice of what I can take now that works. I don't want to get into the morphine and other such crap.

As well as cleaning up another area, I worked with my plants. They are badly in need of work and I've sadly neglected them to the point of a few dying and others being in very bad shape. I love my plants and have a lot of them, so this is not a good sign. However, finally working with them is a good thing. I cut back some of my Dieffenbachia plants and put the tops into water to root, re-potted the root systems/base of stalks into a different pot, cut up the stalks that were between the tops and base and had lost all the leaves... and planted them too. They will root and grow new plants and the root systems will grow new plants too. I'm going to have a house full of these, and will then give away a pile of them, lol.

I bought a couple small Poinsettias the other day and transplanted one tonight into a bigger, nicer pot. I'll do the other one soon too, like tomorrow.

I've got a LOT more work to do here before it's all 'ship shape', and know there is no way it will all get done by Saturday, but I hope to get a decent chunk of it done anyway.... even if some 'stuff' has to be thrown into boxes and into a back room for now, to be sorted and dealt with properly another day.

I didn't even go outside today with no chickens to care for now. I'll make sure I do tomorrow, at least for a short while.

Now I'm off to feed all the critters in the house (1 rabbit, 3 budgie birds, 5 chinchillas, as well as the dog and cat). reba needs to be put outside for her last time tonight too.

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