Thursday, November 22, 2007

Weather Report

These are the temperatures for November 21, according to the

MAX TEMP : 0.3°C

MIN TEMP : -7.2 °C

MEAN TEMP : -3.5°C


I love the blue sky and sunshine, though I'm not big on the cold temperatures. I'm not sure which is best/worst, the blue sky, sunshine, freezing cold days.... or the warmer days that are cloudy and dark gray. colorless the entire time. But since we don't get a choice anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter which I'd prefer, haha. I am very blessed to be in a safe, warm home while I know there are others that sleep on the streets.

The forecast is for snow Sunday and Monday, then rain after that. I've seen the forecasts change drastically from day to day, so don't trust them... however, I know that white stuff is coming soon. I don't mind them getting lots of it on the sky hills, but wish it could stay out of the valley.

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Vic Grace said...

We are expecting -12C tonight, I hope that means clear skies tomorrow as it has been really cold and overcast today.