Thursday, November 22, 2007

November 21st

Man, this month is flying by quickly. This whole year has done so. I remember my parents saying that the older you get the faster time passes and they sure were right. Scary. Anyway, I had planned to get a load of garbage off to the dump before snow, this included yard waste and house waste. Well, now that it's gotten so cold and everything is frozen solid, I'm not so sure I'm going to be getting that done. I also decided recently that I was going to butcher my 6 chickens and feed them, bit by bit, to Reba (I just can't seem to bring myself to eat them after I kill them... some farmer I am, huh.) Now with this cold weather I won't be doing that either. It stinks too much if you do it in the house and it's too cold to be doing that outside now. Maybe I'll post them on Freecycle and let someone else feed them and wish they'd lay some eggs. I recently needed some eggs so had to go buy some at the store. This did not sit well with me as I feed the darn birds that should be giving me eggs. I needed the eggs for a cake I was baking for the church. Since then I tried eating a poached egg and it tasted totally GROSS! It's horrid after years of eating my own farm eggs... same name otherwise nothing alike.

Anyway, I didn't get a lot done around here today, though I did get to stay home all day. I watched TV and worked on the computer most of the day. My friend Dan dropped by and visited for awhile. He doesn't think I should go full time cell and made some very good points for the 'argument', so I am totally rethinking this decision. I'd tell you his points, but need to get off this thing, so if you ask I'll tell you later. I also did pick up a bunch of magazines that were on the livingroom floor. They were in a stack and all fell down, so now they're in a box. I'll put it in the back room for now, then sort through it later. I also got a bunch of papers into a recycle bag, and remembered too late that the recycle bags needed to be put out last night for pick up this morning. Darn, now I have to wait another 2 weeks to get rid of this. Oh well, that's life. There'll be more to go by then.

One thing I did not do, and that's okay as it was not on my to do list, was market research. I'm just not in the market for it, haha.

Well, I'm off to do my weather report and Quote for the day... then off to bed.

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