Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Wait to Loose Weight

I would love to be slim and trim as I once was. Mom used to say I was skinny as a rake, and silly me still felt a bit fat and wanted to loose more weight. I had a 28" waste and I thought I needed to loose more weight. Looking back I must've been nuts, haha. When I look at those tiny jeans I used to wear (yes, I still have them) I want to cry. I was a 'hottie'. At that time I was dancing almost every night but then I got tired of the whole bar scene and quit going. It had gone from the music being at a volume where you could still talk to the people at your table, to where it was so loud you'd scream right into their ear at the top of your lungs and they still couldn't hear you, or you them. I never went to the bars to drink, but as a social time, a chance to be with other people, and of course to dance. Once I quit going to the bars, so quit dancing, the weight started to pack on. I've tried all sorts of diet products, weight loss schemes. None of them work, trust me and millions of other people on this one. I know that the only healthy way to loose weight is exercise and diet. I am working at changing my eating habits and getting more exercise, but to be honest, I'm not doing very well with this. But I will continue to work at 'getting my head in the right place' and doing the work. I guess I don't want it badly enough yet, or I'd find a way to do it.

One day a salesman went to a farm to try selling some of his products to the farmer. When he arrived there, the farmer was sitting in his rocking chair on the deck in front of his house. Near the farmers feet is his old hunting dog, laying there watching the world go by.

The salesman walks up onto the deck and is talking to the farmer, explaining his products and why he thought the farmer would benefit by purchasing these products. While he's talking, every few minutes the dog lets out a mournful whine. After awhile the salesman just can't stand it anymore, so he asks the farmer, "What's the matter with that dog? It's terrible the way he keeps whining in pain like that."

The farmer replies, "Oh, he's just sitting on a nail that's stickin' up there."

"Well, why doesn't he move then?" asks the salesman.

"Cuz it doesn't hurt that much!" says the farmer.

I guess I'm like the dog... I want to be slim, but not badly enough to do the work... sigh.

Anyway, the powers that be want me to direct you to a website to check out hydroxycut to see if it interests you.

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