Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 20

Though cold, it was a wonderful day. Beautiful blue sky and sunshine... gotta love that. Hannah couldn't do our usual 2pm rehearsal today, so we changed it to 1pm for today. Of course I totally enjoyed it as always. We sang some of the songs we've been working on for 'feature pieces', and worked a bit on 2 Christmas songs that we will be doing for our Christmas Candlelight Service.

I did a bit of shopping. Went to one of the second hand stores to see if they had an attractive metal container, preferably a jug of some sort, that I can get to fill with water and put onto the pellet stove to moisturize the house. They didn't, but I ended up buying a bunch of little houses for Christmas decorations, to build a little village. I also bought a little church for my village, and a larger church to give to the Centre for decorating. I keep wishing I was rich and could buy us our own 'home', our own church, and now I just did, haha. Not quite what I've had in mind, but it's a start.

Checked out a couple 'new but cheap' stores, then went to walk Reba at the dog park. We only went once around, and into the woods along the creek, but I had to pee so bad that we left early. Besides, I still had much to do. I went to Tim Horton's and used the bathroom then bought a nice hot tea to go. Ran another errand at a store near by, then drove home.

Spent some time on the computer, had a bite to eat, laid down for half an hour and read from "The Power of Decision" some of the chapter for tonight's class, then back to town I drove and had a wonderful 2 1/2 hour class.

Got home and the phone was ringing as I walked through the door, so that took 3/4 of an hour to deal with and ruined my 'spiritual space' I was in until then. Another reason for me to get rid of my land line and go straight cell phone... then I'd see who was calling and if not in the mood, I'd not have to answer it... haha. Yes, I've been giving some serious thought to letting my land line go and going straight cell phone. I've had this phone number for 2o years or more, so will be strange to not have it any more, and there have been friends that I hadn't seen or heard from for many years that suddenly phoned again. This won't happen again if I get rid of my land line. However, I am often out and about somewhere, so a cell is a good thing. I currently have a cell and the plan only allows me 5o minutes a month. With a more expensive plan I'd have a lot more minutes. The plan I will get will cost about the same as my current two phones put together and will give me unlimited incoming local calls, 150 anytime minutes, free nights (9pm to 7am - hours I very rarely ever phone anyone as they're likely in bed) and weekends. A lot better than 50 minutes and nothing else. I won't be able to use my fax machine, but rarely use it anyway, though its sure handy when I do need it. Maybe I can get the computer set up to fax from. So, pros and cons what they are, I think I'll end up with 100% cell phone. My current phone is almost had it and I'll get a free phone if I sign a 3 year contract.

Enough of this... it's late and I want to get Reba in the house and to get to bed.

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Anonymous said...

I've been land line free since October 26th. Love it. NO junk calls!