Friday, November 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Everything -- absolutely everything -- that happens in our lives has a
spiritual cause. Events on all other levels -- mental, emotional and
physical -- are only effects.

When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it be ill health, a
lack of money, a lost job, poor relationships, an accident, whatever --
we need to look for the spiritual learning. We can ask ourselves,
"What quality does my soul want me to live more fully?"

"If you start to think the problem is `out there,' stop yourself.
That thought is the problem."

-- Stephen Covey --


bundle-o-contradictions said...

Fantastic thought. Still waiting for the right theology...

Agents Of Value said...

I agree with this. I've always believed that everything happens for a reason. We may or may not understand what those reasons are, but we just have to trust that God knows what's best for us. :)