Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23rd

Today was mostly a lazy stay at home day for me. Have you noticed the pattern here? On the days I stay home I seem to get a lot less done than the days I go out and about. I think I spend way too much time on this computer when I stay home.... and I go for a nap part way through the day most of the time. When away I can't do either of those things.

This evening, I went to town. Picked up a package of red paper for the CPL program, and know we'll use it for other things as well. Then I went to the CPL, Centre for Positive Living, and watched a film called 'Ten Questions for the Dalai Lama". What an incredible film. I really like this, the 14th Dalai Lama, he has a great sense of humor and is a very spontaneous man. They shared with us a lot of the history, how this little boy, at age 4 years, was revealed to be the next Dalai Lama, and was raised a Monk and trained for his future position. Also, we were shown how the Chinese invaded Tibet and have massacred so many people. There was at one point 1,200,000 slaughtered, just for being Tibetan, and there have been many since then. The Chinese also destroyed all the ancient buildings and books, art, anything that was historical that the Tibetans had. It's totally sickening. From now on, if I know that any thing I want to buy was made in China, I will not buy it. I will no longer have any part in supporting murderers like that. What I've told you here is just a drop in the ocean of what horror has been going on over there. I believe that most of the Chinese people are innocent of these crimes, and it is their government that is behind it all.

After the other people all left I stayed behind and finished off the program for Sunday service. I had done most of the computer work already, so just added in a few bits that I needed to get info to be able to finish off. I printed it off, cut the sheets in half on the cutter, and assembled them all into the covers. Then I read a bit from the "Book of the Month" that we have for our draw. It's called "You Are Enough" and was written by Dr. David J. Walker. A very good book, easy to read and understand. In my experience, not all books are easy to read or understand.

I came home, fed & watered the chickens (a light on in the coop) and came in. I'm getting low on chicken feed again and sure hope there's enough there to last until Wednesday of next week. You see, I offered my chickens on Freecycle. I will really miss them, having had chickens for quite a few years now, but with so many of them disappearing this fall my heart has gone out of it. Chicklette was one of my favorites, having hand raised her when her mother disappeared, and now she's disappeared. Also, several chicks this year... every chick that was hatched ended up gone, most when only a few days to a couple weeks old, but the last two were a couple months old. Young'n my one rooster went, he was the grandson or great grandson of Rooster Cogburn, my original rooster and great pet. The 4 Bantam hens I still have are his line too, so will be hard to see go. Chuck Chook and Amy I really like too and will be sad to say goodbye. However, it's time. After the first day or two I'll be okay and if I really want to I can get more later one at some point. I might just rip the run out and the lean-to, and have more space in my yard, but that won't happen until spring. If I do what I've been thinking about and put my land for sale in the spring, I would have to give up the chickens anyway, so may as well do it now. I won't have to fuss with frozen water and outside animal chores this winter, for the first time in many years, and I also won't have the cost of buying extra food for those critters. They'll be going to a home that already has some chickens and a chicken house.

Now to finish what I need to do and head to bed with my book. Tonight I'm going to try really hard to be asleep long before 4am for a change.

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clairesgarden said...

sad to see the chooks go, but sad also to see them dissapearing to some wild critter all the time.
see you use freecycle too, and your trailer, thats a good one. I use it here and have given away or reieved stuf for the garden.
I hope you and Dave have a good time driving about, you are being a very good friend driving for him, its a shame he's had such troubles.