Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 28th

I spent a lot of time in bed today... alone but for my cat Shadow.

Dan came over and fixed my leaking tap in my tub. In a day and a half it filled the tub up, so not a good thing. This was hot water, so even more not a good thing... and is a very good thing that it is fixed again. I had brought some stuff in from outside to let the ice melt from them, so I had to wash them and get them out of the tub before Dan got here, so he would have room to work.

The people that answered my ad on Freecycle came today and got my chickens. Thankfully, talking to this lady, they obviously love their chickens and I believe my birds have gone to a good home. I will miss them for awhile, but this is best for the time being. In the spring I might fix up the chicken run (it badly needs repairs) and get more birds... or not. We'll see.

I did a bit of "Wordless Wednesday surfing" visiting some very interesting sites.

I washed some dishes and didn't do much else. Watched a good movie. And now I'm going to sign off.

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